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Who makes the best seo software?
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    its the word WHO? ..i don't know who makes it. Besides i get them free:p
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      Originally Posted by Jenie0109 View Post

      its the word WHO? ..i don't know who makes it. Besides i get them free:p
      How do you get them for free?

      Learn how to make friends

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    in SEO many kind of work doing different work and different tool anyone particular
    software for SEO.

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    Hey wow, this thread has got some longevity! I've been looking at SEOP software for about a week now. I'm trying AWR and WPG now. I'm going to try IBP, WebCEO, and AddWeb. So, not much to report on now. Here's something interesting, though: Google's pagerank for AWR's homepage is 6/10 for Axandra's IBP: 6/10 AddWeb: 7/10 WebCEO: 3/10 WebPosition Gold: 0/10 It seems WPG may have been singled out by Google at some point, doesn't it?
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      Hey Lak Kader

      Well, personally, i would not rely soley on software. As far as why,
      well, they all may be providing different analsyis measures.
      For example, one may say that a page has a cerain amount kw density,
      while another says that the same page measured has a different amount.
      As far as my analysis, i have seen that some measure density in kws in different
      areas of the page and thus the outcomes can be higher in some instances
      and lower in others. It depends what the software is taking into account
      when it provides the measurement.

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    IBP... hands down. SEONuke is becoming less buggy but in the end, every software requires you to do WORK. There is no easy ride. This is why IBP rocks... it tells you exactly what work to do to see results... so you don't waste your time doing shit that doesn't deliver.
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    Aaron Wall's SEO Elite is the best .

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      Sorry buddy, but SEO Elite is from Brad Callen.

      Originally Posted by bhatti721 View Post

      Aaron Wall's SEO Elite is the best .


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        There a range of free and paid SEO software / tools available, for example:
        but the best tool is your brain!

        You cannot totally automate SEO, Google itself recommends that sites are designed for human users rather than search engines.
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        Originally Posted by Red_Virus View Post

        Sorry buddy, but SEO Elite is from Brad Callen.
        Yeah.Brad Callen was one of the advance SEO guru.Try to get his latest free plugin the PPC web spy.I learn a lot from this plugin.It gave me alot of ideas in my PPC advertising.It's also usefull for your website SEO.
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    IBP's a good one.Like in the above post.It actually tells you what to do to rank well in most of the major search engines. And its uptodate too.You can also choose which search engine to optimize your website for.thats a big plus for me...especially if you're targeting specific country/region for your niche.
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    I do not recommend using SEO software to optimizing websites for organic search engine traffic.

    I think that the best way to optimize a website is the old-fashion way; by hand.
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    your brain is the best software. if you don't have enough money, use trial version to quickly get what you want and use your brain. your brain is indispensable. you can't trust a software to do the work of your brain.
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    Thanks for the info you all...
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    Which is the best seo Software
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    There is no software to do it for you, but rather help your focus on what to do. That is the purposes of these SEO softwares. If you are willing to pay $200-$100, it is up to you to buy those products, otherwise you can find the information online if you are a person who has time and motive to learn from different people's thoughts and opinions on the subject.
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    Hello firnd..I think the better question would be what are the best SEO softwares ?

    Here is my answer :

    1) Social Bookmarking - Bookmarking demon
    2) Directory Submission - Submit Suite
    3) Article Marketing - Article Post Robot
    4) Article Re Writing - Content Assistant
    5) Backlink Analysis - Seo Elite
    6) Form Filling - Roboform ( Though it is not directly related to SEO.I do all my tasks with it)
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    Why you want to give them some kind of international honour for that. There are thousands of developer who are doing this job and companies are getting credit
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