Is my website hacked?

by andrej
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I was checking the stats of my website and I noticed that I had one visit from Google from Israel and the keyphrase was "porn sex warez crack serial **** free torrent". Obviously I don't have any of these keywords on my website.

Does this mean my website is hacked? It is still ranked on Google and I've also checked the website and the Google's cached version of it, but I didn't find anything unusual. I also scanned my website using this tool: but all was OK.

How can you explain that I've received a visit for such keyword?
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    It might have been a spam robot searching the entire web and finding any page. Don't worrie. Visiters are welcom, aren't they?
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    It is not hacked..

    Actually, visitors put keyword in search engine, your stat system records that keyword...

    In SERP, there would be irrelevant results as well...or any synonym is matching with the word.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
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    It is not not hacked at all. It is common when your site becomes popular. Bad bots try to your website with bad keywords. Normally Google analytic ignore these visitors but webliser shows all.

    You may track their IP, User Agent info and stop their access through robots.txt. But please be careful sometimes they spoof IP and useragent info using their script.
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    Thank you guys for your explanations.
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