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Since I started online a long time ago, I done what most newbies done. Make a website and spam links to it, to then get the message from Google telling me my site has been penalized because of the unnatural link building.

After a couple years of learning Internet marketing and SEO, I then made a plan and created "Good" content.

Clearly, the biggest problem people have is "traffic". Well, what I decided to do was make a very nice clean website, filled with content, I then added lot's of social buttons and linked my Facebook, Google + and Twitter fans pages to the site.

So, we have the website "good content" and our social "like" buttons to help grow the fan base.

But not much traffic......

So, I put $200 into PPC and started bidding on very "targeted" keywords to my niche site. I sent traffic to different pages which made each page receive "Extremely" high targeted visitors.

So, what do you think happened in the first month??

A nice flow of traffic, Social signals, Comments and even emails from my visitors. The best thing about PPC, is the traffic is instant, targeted and if you can solve someones problems, then it can go viral.

I decided to keep using PPC for 5 months and now, I have many pages ranking high on Google, a nice consistent flow of traffic from search, social media and referrals from other websites.

I have also found websites linking to my site as a resource which takes care of my backlinking.

"My point is"

You can make "FANTASTIC content" but if it can't be seen, then it wont go viral, it wont get social shares and it wont go anywhere, depending on your niche.

Also, once you are visible on the search engines, then it will only become easier.

Try to focus on your readers.

Try this method because it worked for me and why not for you! This is one of the best ways to kick start your website or blog.

P.S I am not giving out the site because of spammers.
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    Thanks for the post mate. How is your site monetized?

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      Originally Posted by SurrealPSD View Post

      Thanks for the post mate. How is your site monetized?

      The site is making sales through it's list, it seems to have a good opt-in rate which is good too. The CPC, would be good for AdSense but since it's getting PPC traffic, I'd like to grow it much more before I stop using PPC, then I could add AdSense.

      I love using AdSense, but the only problem is that once a visitor leaves, they are gone for good.

      I will most likely wait till the site is consistently busy, then I'll stop using PPC by the end of next month, then add AdSense as well as my opt-in form. I could also send targeted traffic to my opt-in page, which wouldn't be hard.

      PPC traffic is great, I wish I had been using it "way" before, this is very exciting!
      Do you have a website making money and want to sell it? Contact me, I'm looking to buy sites monetized by Amazon and Adsense!!
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    Yes, I'm also wondering this. Could you give us more details?
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    I too use alot of ppc but not googles. I never seem to make money by using them and I end up paying five bucks an email..

    I do use ppc though and it is not dead although even the less expensive sites are going up in price now.
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