Targeted by blackhat?

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At first I would like to say sorry for not posting on the right section. Looked for a help section but couldn't find one.So, posting on SEO section since my problem is about SEO.

I am just a student. I opened a new site for local visitors just as a loose hobby the site is . Posted like 18-20 unique articles my self and 7-8 articles. Made about 7-8 backlinks myself :confused: had about 18-19 natural backlinks after a month. Havn't checked for about 10-12 days

Just today decided to check google webmaster.

There were 841 backlinks to my site from . All of them to my homepage. They are all without anchor text.

I got no idea why would anyone target my so low quality site for black-hat. Whose competitor would I be ? I may opened site as hobby, still I want people to read it.

What should I do ? I didn't get a warning or anything from Google but surely will soon or they would just hammer it down without warning.

Should I only use Google disavow tool to exclude that domain from back links ?

or there are more ways to stop these annoying attacks in future ?
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