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Amazon Affilaites,

I'm heading in to the Amazon affiliate area, I am creating high quality, high value content for visitors.

I'm not intersted in mini-sites, I'm looking at building large niche sites with 100's if not 1000's of reviews over time.

I don't want to be flagged as a bridge site, so I want a good amount of addtional valuable articles also.

How many addtional non-affiliate, non-review articles do you place on your review sites? I want to survive a possible manual big G approval if that's even possible !

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    I don't use a hard & fast number but I guess it works out around 25% info articles across my sites. Some have a little more & some have a little less. I haven't been hit by the big G yet but that's not to say that my numbers will work for you.
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    Thanks cpkc.

    Anyone else care to shed there ratios?
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    8-10 non-review articles should be good, IMO. But they should be of high quality and something that readers would like to share.
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