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Hi guys,

I'm using image SEO Friendly Images from wordpress. It automatically adds your keyword with the name if the image in alt tag.

I have tons of alt tags that are the same due to using it like "tickmark windows hosting" by all tickmark images.

Should I rather disable this plugin?
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    Considering it only takes a few seconds to insert the alt tag while attaching an image to a post, you might as well disable the plugin.

    Another thing to consider is if image traffic is even worth it for your niche. For many niches, traffic from image searches results in low conversions and hotlinking (basically wasting bandwidth). This isn't always the case though depending on your niche.
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      Originally Posted by rechal View Post

      Alt tag is the alternative text used for describing images. Alt tags are displayed on the site while the images are loading, or when you hover over the image with your mouse. They also help blind people who are using text readers to read your page.
      Alt tags are another place where you should insert your keywords to improve your rankings in SERPs. Even if your text already have keywords you could still improve and reinforce your most important keywords.

      Alt tag is the alternative text used for describing images

      The reason I looked is the comment reads like a script.
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    Don't worry about it. Using alt-tags is certainly a good thing. If you have alt-tags that are the same, that's not a big issue.
    It's more important to have alt-tags.
    Notice that alt-tags is only one of the many on-page optimization things. Make sure that you implement all the other stuff (like H1, title, description-tag, ...)

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