Don't tell me that good domain names are not available any more

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I just found a top level .com domain name for a 2,900 global 1,600 hundred local (USA) keyword. took me just about five or less minutes.

And for all you that say Google doesn't like keyword rich domains, well all I got to say is xxxxx. If you wanted to build a site on guitars, would you call it jennystacostand.xcom? No, you would call it if you could get it. that would be a little keyword rich, but it would be more appropriate than, now wouldn't it

It doesn't take a lot of work to find a good domain, so quit whining and go find them. In fact, I just found 228 of them. so that just proves there are plenty available. In a much less competitive niche, I am sure there are way more than this. so go get one of them and go make some money.
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    It's really not that hard, I find tons of domains with 8000+ exact searches, not always .com but plenty of .us .net .org

    There is only 1 scary thing about it, when it's a popular keyword that the IM niche would go after there is a high chance that you buy a domain that has previously been penalized.

    Besides that you don't need an EMD to rank, the benefit of it is way too small to even bother about it.

    Weird example btw, why not call it instead of taco stand? That would rank almost just as well for "guitar reviews" as when you would have, and less chance for some over optimization penalty.
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      Originally Posted by nik0 View Post

      There is only 1 scary thing about it, when it's a popular keyword that the IM niche would go after there is a high chance that you buy a domain that has previously been penalized.
      I bought penalized domain not so long ago. I did add website and good content. After that there was no problem. Google did remove manual spam action after I send them request.

      However this domain did not have many backlinks so I did not have to worry about to remove them.

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        I agree there are a lot of great domains out there for the taking. Personally, none of them are EMD's though... unless it really is a single word domain.. like "", the value of the domain itself is almost nil.

        That's the good part about the recent Google algos. The value of a domain for ranking is nothing compared to the branding value of it. would be incredibly valuable as a branding tool, but has little effect on ranking/conversion.

        You could just as easily create a site called or something and become the nr.1 guitar site (shop, forum, wiki, whatever) as long as the site delivers value and offers what everyone wants.

        Branding is easily wasted though. if you take a look at the current site - the branding effect of the domain is totally wasted. with the way it currently looks and services offered, the owner would benefit a lot more from a branding / biz angle using

        a good example is the current owner seems to think the value is astronomical and has it on a godaddy auction for $480,000

        good luck with that

        Free action plan : Think less. Do more.

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        HOW do you know that a previously registered domain had backlinks?
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    I think as long as new products and inventions are hitting the market not to mention people losing domains and dying off we will have an unlimited supply of domains.
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    Why always think about EMD ? Can't you people people see that EMD's are still doing very well? Look at this search string for an example. If you are getting an EMD to achieve ranking, you must avoid it. If you are looking to add consistently good content on it you should have no problem and you will surely get some advantage.
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