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Excuse my ignorance I am a novice to web marketing, I have researched some competitors back links. What i see is hundreds of articles on these generic pointless blogs and my competitor has a article with 3 links on each of these blogs.

I see no way for me to post a article how does this all work? Who is creating these blogs with 50 different unrelated categories?

Could some one explain this?
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    What do you mean by Pointless blogs? I also have a blog with 50+ categories but I don't think that is pointless.

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      Originally Posted by nitesh View Post

      What do you mean by Pointless blogs?
      I suspect the OP means that the sites on which the backlinks appeared are not relevant to the subject-matter of the page/site to which they link. Often known as "non-context-relevant backlinks". These are typically the kind of crap sold by "backlink-providers" (some of whom, of course, call themselves "SEO experts").

      At one pre-Penguin time, there was some off-page SEO benefit from such backlinks (or at least, many people thought there was and others accepted it unquestioningly because it was repeated it so many times in forums and on websites. It's actually fairly questionable how much truth there ever was in it, at all).

      There isn't so much now, of course ... and having enough backlinks of that kind can of course get your site heavily penalized. Indeed, Google's "Penguin updates" were specifically designed to identify and penalize sites with large enough numbers of those non-context-relevant backlinks, for "over-optimization". Naturally enough - Google recognizes enough backlinking patterns like that to know that it's "artificial backlinking" designed to exploit their ranking algorithms - just the kind of thing which they now so effectively penalize. Fortunately for the rest of us, who effectively don't get so much competition now from these idiotic link-spammers.

      So it's hardly something to aspire to!

      The thread belongs here, really:
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    It could be a private network set up by a SEO provider. You pay them and you get links.
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    Are you talking about web 2.0 blogs?
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    What is the point of a pointless blog?

    Case in point, the links and cash are probably not that pointless.
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    Competitor has one article posted on each blog but there are other articles from non related industries the page and format are totally generic sometimes not even a pic in design. A lot of times ill see the the archives go hard and heavy with post for a certain amount of time then just stop I noticed a lot stopped middle of last year
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      Originally Posted by longgun View Post

      Competitor has one article posted on each blog but there are other articles from non related industries the page and format are totally generic sometimes not even a pic in design. A lot of times ill see the the archives go hard and heavy with post for a certain amount of time then just stop I noticed a lot stopped middle of last year
      Yes, it's a pointless blog. To everyone but the creator of the blog, and they guy paying to have his "article" (probably spun or cheaply written) thrown up on the blog.

      It's part of a blog network. The blog creator is selling links, that's all. May be somebody right here. Odds are good.

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        Ok Here is some samples, mabey pointless is not the word but you guys pretty much know what i mean

        Archive for August 2012: Page 2

        Living Products: June 2012 Archives - 2013 March Archive

        maybe to some they have meaning but far as i can tell they are just a bunch of articles slapped together for the purpose of seo, thing is I can see that they are working
        So is this method a blog network? article network?

        How would just any random person post on any of the these sites. I dont see a way to do it. Some of these sites I saw had like 3000 postings in one month. Thats a lot of content.

        Either way Im trying to get the idea behind these.
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          Ok so I'm thinking the way this works is create a blog or site round up hundreds of people with articles, charge them whatever amount, and start posting these on your new blog each with links back to their site,

          I see some with 30 per month up to hundreds or thousands could be a good money maker. Just seems like no one would ever read those articles ..... or is that even relevant

          seems like a win win for everyone involved, I was told google frowns on paying to be posted somewhere.

          Like I mentioned before I am a novice, so I going by what I read or what someone told me.
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    Well, I suppose one would call craigslist, wikipedia, generic...
    I'd even toss EZA in there.

    That part has nothing to do with anything.

    Without knowing zip about these specific places.

    Pointless is in the eye of the beholder. I myself think wikipedia
    is a cesspool of garbage. And wikipedia has dozens of rather
    pointless(?) sites.

    Like I said, without knowing much, hard to say. Some things last the
    test of time, some things don't.

    How come nobody ever refers to a competitor of doing fantastic,
    incredibly smart things? We bad mouth competitors while trying to
    get in on that very figuring out how we can trump what
    they're doing with more stuff that OUR competitors may call dodgy.

    I myself prefer to worry about..myself. I figure if I do enough good things,
    eventually things might even out. All without pulling my hair out about
    a competitor.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    How to create a blog network?

    Book few good expiring domains on the niche you want (I don't think general niche blogs are good for SEO). Domain should be old and must be having some content, in the past, related to the niche you are looking at it for.

    2 yrs old, PR2-4, DA - 20+ is considered good but not the best. The better you want, more you need to pay for expiring domain but more authority,age,relevance would make you rich if you are able to maintain it properly and boost it's rankings....(rich by selling quality links/posts)

    Signup for an SEO hosting where they provide multiple class c IPs. If you have 20 blogs on a shared hosting account and you place a back link to your site (or client's) in each of those, Google would not consider it equivalent to 20 back links since they are from same IP address/host. This can be resolved by taking 20 different IPs from your SEO host (1 IP per blog). Now a back link at each of these 20 blogs would add up to be seen as 20 good backlinks by Google.

    How to Maintain - Wordpress, WPMU, some other management tools provided by your host

    Key - Post regularly and keep updated and spam free. Try to improve upon various SEO metrics. Don't just post articles for back links, add original few content too.

    Suppose you would sell a blog post in 20 different PR4 blogs on IM niche, you can make around 200$ -400$/client depending upon quality .

    A big no - Don't duplicate same content across your network or run auto blogging software.

    Also never mention on your blog openly that you are selling links. Contact SEO companies in private and offer them a wholesale price, they would bring you $$$

    P.S> When I mention quality that means your blogs should not look pointless (no spam, machine generated articles with incorrect usage of English ) and SEO metrics should be at par.
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      Ok now that makes sense I really appreciate the input now I kinda see how this stuff work.
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