My mind sometimes stucks when I try to find keywords. I need advice folks!

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Dear Warriors,

When I started to make a keyword research in "internet marketing niche" I thought that the only keywords you must include in your titles and posts are (make money online, internet marketing, online business) and generally speaking the mix of them and other highly similar to them.

To be more specific I always tried to embed the words money, online, internet, business, marketing in short and long tail keywords. But these keywords are so highly competitive that it's useless for me as an average guy to go for them....also I am not guru on seo.

But thinking a little bit more I realized that maybe I could right a post about ideal customers, or habits, or procrastination, or any other topic that could be helpful to internet marketing niche audience.

Yesterday I wrote a 700 words post about procrastination which I think that is good to write for this phenomenon in internet marketing niche (maybe). Keywords for procrastination have low competition and good enough amount of searchers for me per month.

However my question is that procrastination is a broad term so someone who is seeking ways to stop procrastinating is not exclusively a person who tries to make money online.

So why to write something about procrastination? It is not highly related to internet marketing word by word....

(Yes I am a classic human being and I think linearly many times)

Show me some love :p

Thank you,
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    Your idea is good, go with procrastination!

    Or put "procrastination" in Google Adowrds keyword tool to find more related keywords, long tail as well, and choose some less competitive keywords.

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    Also, consider adding other words like "job" "dead end job" "find new job" "rat race" "need a new job" to your "procrastination" searches.

    Try to think about people who either are currently working and day dream about working from home, leaving their job, about to get fired, just got laid off or people who are unemployed, can't find a job, have been job searching with no luck.

    These are your targets.

    But make sure you offer something that will present some kind of time frame for results. Hope this helps & good luck.
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    Like Alanaj said, you have to "niche down". EVERYBODY procrastinates, not just online marketers. So a general post on procrastination isn't specific to the market you want to target.

    Something like "procrastination in online business" or "how to increase productivity in online business", etc might actually have value. All the more if the term implies that the searcher is looking for a solution to a problem (that you provide with your content).

    Good luck!
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    then don't bother then,

    how about trying google adwords,if there are more customers searching in a particular day maybe it is much better.
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    Great!! Thank you very much guys! I got it. I need to write to my market and not to speak generally. By mixing these long tail keywords with words that speak to my market is the key! You are awesome!

    Thank you,
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