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Hi There

Have a succesful business but unfortunately had a gentlemans agreement last year with an unscrupulous person who basically wanted to suck value from it without actually adding much at all. We now want to work with somebody that is actually willing to help us out but have found out we either have to disband the business completely or buy him out for a ridiculous sum that none of us can afford.

We are thinking of just completely disbanding the business to get rid of him but, if that was to happen, we'd need to host the site on a brand new domain name. The domain has some age (just over two years), a lot of really good content and quite a lot of back-links pointing to it.

Thinking of buying a new domain name and basically mirroring the site. Keeping all the same page titles etc. and just r-writing the content on it and also 301 re-directing every page on the old site to it's corresponding page on the new domain.

I get about 40 enquiries per month at the moment. Will I see a significant drop in enquiries now if I do what I've outlined above as it will be a brand new domain name. I know that I'll lose around 10% of the link juice. Will domain age be a really big factor in all of this?


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    Who owns the domain, did you register the domain or did the other guy?
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      We brought the domain long before we met him and it is in my friends name. However, I don't think it can be classed as disbanding the business if we keep the domain name on. I really don't think that he would argue if we forwarded the domain though.

      What effect would forwarding the domain on have? Will Google recognise that I'm just changing the domain and that it is effectively the same site so that, therefore, I won't have any problems switching over and will keep my levels of traffic the same.
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