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How many blog posts do you think should blog have before starting to make decent money with adsense? My blog is 6 weeks old and i post once a day. How much time before i can see any decent profit from adsense?
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    I am running a blog from 6 months and earning a sufficient amount through Google Adsense. My this particular blog was approved by Adsense when there were about 22 live posts. So, as far as I know your blog should have that much posts to get it approved by Adsense. This is all I know. Rest can be suggested by a blogging expert and I am not.
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  • Eman,
    I think a more appropriate question is how many visitors do you need before you start making money? Theoretically, you could have just a couple posts that thousands of new people find all the time and you could make money. Realistically though, I think after you have a dozen or more posts (and assuming you have been promoting them and they are good content) you should start to see some activity on your adsense account.

    Keep in mind that what you are able to make on adsense is directly related to how many visitors you are receiving. You could have hundreds of posts and if no one likes your content, you will not make a lot of money.


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