Ranking Newb - Should I start with micro niche sites first?

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Hi there,

As a former Ebay trader I didn't gain much experience in building and maintaining websites.

I am pretty much a newb with ranking sites through SEO but I do understand the concepts from reading up on the forum and some SEO blogs. Now I have heard that big G doesn't appreciate micro niche sites anymore but I was wondering if it would be advisable to first try my hand at ranking micro niche sites say for physical products that have low comp before going on to put a great deal of effort into building and ranking a wider niche site? That way I would enter the wider niche with more SEO experience and be better equipped to be successful with this long term type of business?

Plus I could really do with some extra cash sooner rather than later lol

Maybe I'm wrong, I would love to hear your thoughts in this ever changing ranking game!

Thanks :-)
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