How to get traffic on blogger??

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Hi friendz..

I have created blog on blogger but traffic is not coming into Blog. Kindly let me know the ways that how I can get traffic to my blog.

Kindly replies..

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    Have you been posting on it? Do you have your RSS feed in all the search engines? How often are you posting? You didn't give us very much information to go on.

    Usually, unless your blog is important it will not get much traffic. There are hundreds of millions of blogs. It is important, though, as an overall part of your linkbuilding strategy.

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    How long have you been blogging? Do you keep your blog updated? It’s very important to be blog regularly and keep your audience going back to your site for more. If you haven’t started communicating to your audience yet, it’s high time that you do by creating a dialogue box where you and your readers can interact. Engage them in conversations and they’ll likely talk about your blog and recommend it to everyone they know. Another thing that you should do is have your blogs submitted to popular social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

    No matter how much effort you exert to attract traffic, it would all end up useless if you don’t have helpful, unique content in your blog that your audience would want to share to others.
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    Promote your website on the airport and railway stations with the help of banners and hoardings. It will sure give you traffic.
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    First of all you should work with you content, it must be useful for your future visitors. Then you need to find your target audience and start promoting your articles. Use as much resources as you can –

    -social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +),
    -get traffic from bookmarking sites (StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Technorati)
    -try e-mail marketing (RSS feed)
    -use other blogs (comment, submit guest posts, join blogging communities)
    -use syndication (allows you to spread content across many networks)
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    @OP: I seriously wonder about your custom user title "SEO Expert", is this a serious word or just for to keep yourself motivated?
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    Gaining website traffic is a lot of work. Unique visitors aren't going to just flock to your blog as soon as you make it!
    $2/100 words for REGULAR CONTENT
    $4/100 words for TOP NOTCH MONEY CONTENT
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    You need to update your blog regularly as much as possible with quality content and try to promote your pages on social bookmarking sites. Once you do these things your blog will get recognized by search engines and surely you will get good traffic over time
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    Are you using Facebook and Twitter to funnel traffic onto your site? Don't let anyone tell you it's not possible.
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    Hello Mr. SEO expert. Why dont you google it and you'll get bunch of websites providing information about how to get rid of traffic
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    Create different pages on your blog
    Update your blog with regular postings
    Make social networking accounts and linked with your blog
    Make sure content which will be uploaded by you is 100% unique
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    Post on the blog regularly . Do post informative content. Share some sort of knowledge and ideas & use some attractive images in your blog which can describe about your post.
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    Consistent seo, treat it like a website. There are many markets where people use a blogger for their main site.

    Example " shark tank " theres a blog where the main authority blog in the market is a blogger domain.
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    You can get good traffic by doing good seo for your blog but other ways to get traffic is promoting on various forums , you can even market using forum signatures. Social Media is good way to promote your site too
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    Social Media is nice option to get the traffic to your blog and first of all write as much as content in points and do the highlight the most important points and use the good images in your blog then use best bookmarking site.Share all bookmarking site then i am sure visitors will come to your blog frequently but remember use interesting blog every body wants unique and interesting keep on doing
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    If you are not getting visitors then start bookmarking tools such as technot=rati media, digg and reddit and also use facebook and twitter to promote your blog it will help you alot..
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    Make your pool of fans and in building the satisfied fans you would become a good blogger. Remember Content is the key for traffic.
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      Blogs need change. so you can post daily stuff on your blog it will improve your blog ranking and also do off page like blog directory submission or blog commenting.
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    Daily update posts and sharing your posts to friends on bloggers. It will help you increase traffic for your blogspot.
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    Plz start SEO for your blog and create best quality link for our blog.
    Do not use spam in your work.
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    Daily added a post in blog your website related and also any other post add make sure also website link add and second thing all social sites link added in blogroll so that one is the best process.
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    Read many books on how to blog, you will get your answer...
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    For a blogger who are having similar contents on multiple blogging sites, it is extremely important to ensure SEO is highly taken care of for every site. I have been using dollar SEO hosting on my sites and I think it does a good job. SEO Hosting on multiple C Class IPs offers search engine optimization benefit to each website or blog. If you sign up for a 5 C-class IP address account and you have 5 similar websites about cars, you can put one website on each C-class by placing the sites on different cPanels
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      Seriously you need some relevant backlinks and to promote yourself on social media. Make a twitter account for your blog, a facebook fan page and join some related groups on G+. Start to comment on other people's post in the same niche, leave updates to showcase your best content (not sales pages or posts). Create content on Web 2.0s, youtube and slideshare sites. Create an online presence on sites that already have traffic and promote your site. Google doesn't favor Blogger blogs over other sites this is a myth you need to promote it the same as any other site.
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    blog traffic depends on various factors:
    1. blog type
    2. blog content
    3. ur blog listing/indexing in google and serp
    4. search keywords using google keyword tool and prepare an article which may help u to get traffic easily
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    Too funny! I share my blog posts on twitter, fb, LinkedIn, and g+. Sharing isn't enough though. I have to spend time everyday building up connections. There's a lot of marketers sharing links and messages on dead ears.
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    You can share your post on the social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Then try to get some likes and retweet from your friends and colleague.
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    Same as you get traffic to wordpress, html sites, forums, and so on.
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    Regularly update your blog, use twitter and facebook, do web 2.0 and link your blog, Rss feeds and social bookmarking helps you getting more traffic to your blog
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    First of all you should write meaningful & informative content in your blog. Regularly update your blog with fresh content. Then promote it on social networking sites regularly. Then get some quality backlinks for your blog to get ranking or to make it visible on SERP.
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