How long can a link last?

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I have been doing a test with some single page domains that I was just "aging" waiting to develop them.

In short one of them was ranking for one small (1000 searches a month local) keyword around position 3.

I used one of my other sites that has been around for a while and posted a site wide footer link to that site. Nothing else has been done on or off site for that domain. It doesn't have any analytics, yahoo/bing submissions - nothing.

That site immediately (about 4 days later) dropped to top of page 2. So I waited a week or so and then removed the link that was pointing to it. So in theory it is back to its old status. But as of yet not change in serps.

Interestingly the link still shows as pointing to the site in tools like majestic but I would expect it to as they don't update data every day.

So it got me thinking how soon would Google take to acknowledge that the link no longer points to that site?

I assume the link association is forward rather than backward; so it has to crawl the site with the link first but does Google cache the link association between two sites for a while between two sites. Otherwise you would expect a change fairly quickly after removing a link pointing to your site.

Why would a removal of one link to one site not reverse the changes? How long could it take to notice the change in backlink status?
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