Adwords Ad: Using My Own Phone Number ?!

by rbowen
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I can't figure out how to get my own phone number into a Google Adwords Af.

I'd prefer to put in it the headline, but apparently I can't insert it anywhere in the ad on my own.

It seems that, when I set up the ad, I have to indicate that I want to have both my web site (landing page) & my phone number displayed in my ad - and Google supposedly inserts them for you ... but I had no luck trying it that way.

I went into one of my Ad Groups, clicked on the Ad Extensions Tab and then added my own phone number. and told Google that it should use my own ph # & display both my URL *and* ph # in my ad.

I save those settings, created my ad and saved it.

The ad that Google shows me has my Headline & Copy (body/text) and it displays my URL, but it does not display the ph #.

Does anyone know why ... like, what am I doing wrong?

I've tried reading through Google's Help docs, but the are impossible (for an old-guy newbie like me) to figure out.

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