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I was thinking about the backlinks issue, and how linking your sites/blogs together might be beneficial. But I have 10 blogs all on blogger--if I link those to each other will that be frowned-upon, because those blogs are all under the same user account?
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    I would think that aslong as you create another post within the same account it would count as a seperate backlink as long as within the post you backlink yourself again .

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    Great, thanks for the fast replies! You guys are like some IM guardian angels.

    Ever since I started breaking $1000 per month with my blogs, I've been worried that I'll accidentally break some rule and ruin everything. Kind of silly I guess. Thanks for putting me at ease!

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      Linking between your blogs is a great way to help your SEO ranking aslong as it is all relevant.I link some of my blog pages to some of my other pages on the same blog because it's related and The search engines actually love that.

      Congrats on breaking 1K with your blog

      I'll teach you how to make money like a Mamba.

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