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This is a quick tip for simulating a Google Cache (text version).

I use the Google Cache (text version) a lot for getting a better visual idea of what Google bots are looking at on web pages, both my pages & competitions pages.

Obviously it's not 100% perfect, still it's a very close simulation of a Google Cache (text version) without sitting around & waiting for Google to Cache the pages your working on.

Originally this plugin which runs on Chrome & Firefox was built for web designers, I stumbled on the plugin while reading a web designers blog & thought it would make for a quick & easy Google Cache simulation.

1) Disable > Disable Javascript > All Javascript

2) CSS > Disable Styles > All Styles

3) Images > Disable Images > All Images

Again, it's not perfect since it's not an actual Google Cache, still it does work very well for a quick cache look, without all the distractions (javascript, images, etc...).

You can download the plugin here.

What I do is run the plugin on Firefox since my main browser is Chrome, this way I can leave the settings above on all the time. Anytime I want to simulate a Google Cache I simply paste the pages URL into Firefox, without having to tweak any plugin settings.
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    Appreciate the info and the share, thanks man.
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