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I've launched my first website! I picked Our ClickBank Stories and used phpbb3. I found a nice style for it and I'm using the Ultimate phpbb SEO mod. Forgive my 8 dollar header picture.

It has been a little over a month and I only have under 10 users . I understand that SEO can take a long time; another post on the warrior forums mentioned it could take 3-6 months.

However, my question is, would people with experience (you guys ) recommend using Pay Per Click advertising to help new people join my forums?

Also, any thoughts/comments about the website would be nice, I'll take all criticism as a learning opportunity. Thanks!
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  • Newbieweb,

    PPC is always a good way to drive traffic quickly but you have to be careful that you don’t spin your wheels. Pay-per-click ads will send the traffic to your site but that doesn’t mean you will automatically get people to sign up. You have make sure you have a good conversion funnel. Come up with some goal for visitors to complete when they arrive at your site (i.e. signing up with the forum). You might offer something for them to do so. I would also go one step further and offer something in return for them starting a thread or engaging with other members. I’m not sure what that would be but there has to be something to entice them to interact on the forum.

    Alternatively or alongside this strategy, you could get someone knowledgeable to answer questions or post informational threads related to the forum themes.

    Hope that helps,

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    Pay per view is another option that you can try. I do not know much about it but you get lots of people to see your site at nickles and if they are interested they sign up.

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    You could spend money on PPC, get more forum members, but to what end? What does that investment get you in return? How long is it going to take to start making money on the money you are spending?

    These are the questions I would be asking myself...
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    It is okey that you launched a new website but i suggest that first you need to increase popularity of your site than it can be good for you.

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    I think it'll be a tricky sell to get people to sign up via PPC as you still have the same core problem that your site doesn't have users...

    If you drive traffic to a site that has little to no activity there is no incentive to sign up as people join forums to discuss issues. Perhaps running a contest to get users to sign up would provide an incentive and increase your conversion rate from PPC?
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    I don't think using PPC will work here. You should only use ppc if you have a big product or service site.
    Or if you are launching sites like pinterest.

    Try to make your forum interesting and valueble. Try posting related threads.
    There are thousands of forums and its hard to become top forum. So better you do hard work and also make your site with good visuals
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      Thanks to all of you for giving me some advice. I have a lot to learn, but now this is how I see things.

      PPC may not be good for getting people to join the forums, so I will focus on content. I'll have to be creative, but I really like the idea of creating a sort of contest or incentive to join the forums vice just PPC spray and pray.

      Thanks again.
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