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Hi everybody

Over the past 5-6 months i've done a few SEO courses and did tons of self studying . Im at a point where i have a ton of information regarding SEO and i feel comfortable talking to others about it.

BUT .... when it comes to audit , I have no clue where i have to start off and where to finish...usually I'll start off with a quick overview seeing that the headers are there and URL's are named properly(and title), text on the homepage is at an appropriate location and internal links. But this is just a 10 second thing once you open the site and look at it.

I need a general guide on how to do a proper audit from start to finish. Does anyone know a site or something that can help?

I;m aware that everybody has their own approach to SEO auditing but I just need the baseline so I can move to right direction.

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  • Ariseo savva,

    Moz has a post with a pretty comprehensive list. You could check that out.

    Technical Site Audit Checklist - Moz

    Hope that helps,

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      Thanks a lot man

      I had a quick read of the things... it seems that it could even take a couple of days to get a proper report to a client.

      Im quite surprised regarding the huge difference between SEO on personal site and SEO for a client that already has a site. Completely 2 different things.

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    Agree, for the clients reports must be detailed and clear.. also sometimes clients do ask questions regarding on something so reports must be explained clearly..
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    As you have been suggested a tool to use for SEO audit, you can use that.

    But I would say that there is too much difference in reading SEO and doing SEO..

    So try to get practical knowledge, SEO audit would become very minor thing for you.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    Thanks Hansons

    I understand what you mean ..I feel so confident right now with SEO that i can make a website 100% fully optimized .... but thats if i make it and i know whats behind it ....

    I think its technical SEO currently my main problem.. not knowing how they made their website and whats creeping behind it, making SEO ineffective.

    As for practical knowledge, ive done successful projects already but non where complicated. Simple websites 2-3 low competition keywords, its nothing. My main purpose at the moment is to learn how to audit other peoples sites and how to make them better.

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