Which backlink service or tool do you use?

by mittel
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Hi guys
Is there a tool that can do something like Backlinkspy:


This is an awesome tool to find backlinks but its way too expensive for me. It's a monthly fee between 30 and 300$ a month.

Any tool that is free or has a one time fee that can do the same?

It find also backlinks from pages not just from homepages. Seo spyglass cant do this at the moment.

Features i want are: domain authority,page authority, type of website(which you can filter on),title,anchor text, inbound/outbound links,dofollow/nofollow,statuscode.
The thing i like is that it can find backlinks from multipe urls.

Hope someone watches the vid and tell me if there is an alternative for this tool.
thank you
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      There really are no decent backlink checkers that are free.

      I like a combination of Ahrefs with SEO SpyGlass myself, but they are going to cost you. Ahrefs has a monthly fee, while SpyGlass has a one-time fee.
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      @Mike i know Seosplyglass, you can't input a page url only domain/homepage.

      Thanks for the recommendation.
      hi, free would be good but i meant one time fee so i don't have to pay monthly.
      yes i checked screamfrog, it has good filters but not the filters i needed like pagerank and mozrank. Too bad, this would be a good software to pay for annually 99 pounds.Hope they change this soon.Also i can't find a way to add proxies.

      Are there any other software out there free or one time fee of max 99-199$?
      thank you
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        Hi Mittel,

        I'm sorry to say this but when it comes to SEO you get what you pay for.

        The tools aren't cheap but they work very well.

        To really get into SEO and do it properly you will need a monthly budget.
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        Originally Posted by mittel View Post

        @Mike i know Seosplyglass, you can't input a page url only domain/homepage.
        And which tools can you use to find backlinks for a particular page only? I recall that open site explorer used to report that kind of stuff, but it's no longer available.
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    I use MajesticSEO.
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