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Everyone know the importance of unique article and i have a good unique article writer but i want help about keyword selection for articles what is the best method to create related keyword about that article that shoule smart and with low competition and specific. Plz share your kowledge about keyword selection.
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  • I use Market Samurai for my keyword research, which I really don't do much of.

    Choose a keyword with enough searches to be worth it, but low enough competition to make it possible to rank for.

    Of course, visitor experience is the most important thing, so keep that in mind.

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    My advice? Don't fall into the "paralysis by analysis" trap. Pick a keyword that looks fairly easy to rank. Meaning the page 1, and more importantly, the top 3, results have weak on-page SEO and / or backlinks.

    Another thing, don't stress too much about keywords that seem to get a low amount of searches according to the Google Keyword Tool. I spend plenty of time going after - and ranking for - keywords that get 500 - 1,000 monthly searches. But I make sure that they're buyer oriented keywords.
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    Start digging around in the Google Keyword Tool.
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