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I'm in a pre launch phase for a website that is going to be ecommerce focused. The domain is aged but there was never any serious backlinking done for the domain.

I've been out of the links game for a while now as my last 2 ventures didn't require any active link building.

I'm just wondering if anyone can point me to techniques that are still considered white hat for link building in 2013. Specifically link building techniques that apply to ecommerce sites.

I have a blog installed and i'm putting article content in there. I read google's latest revisions to their policies on link building and it seems like just about anything you do to get a link actively is somehow considered black hat now.

Can anyone shed light on this topic for me?
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    Directory listing and targeted blog commenting.. Article and PR submission will also work
    Freelance Web Designer and Developer
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      Originally Posted by strategic seo services View Post

      Build backlinks that are on high PR pages, contextual, relevant to your site, and are dofollow. Remember to use anchor text diversification when building backlinks.
      Agreed. Just wanted to add: remember guest posts on relevant sites

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        Originally Posted by sahabdk View Post

        Agreed. Just wanted to add: remember guest posts on relevant sites
        any tips on how to find relevant sites to approach? ecommerce blogs perhaps?

        if my site is new and doesn't have much of a backlink profile will these high ranking sites really be willing to host my content and link back to me?
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      Right now quality and relevance matter more than ever before. In 2013, these are the things that you have to keep in mind when performing SEO.

      1) Like Julia said, get some "real" high pr links with generic anchor text for your site, in most cases this will help! I suggest using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, and Squidoo for this.

      2) Build no more than 50% of links with targeted anchor text, which means to diversify your anchor text with "contact us", "", "call us" 'email us' etc. This is very important and must be done in the resource box of the article.

      3) If possible, build more links from relevant sites in your niche, this plays a huge part in determining ranking since Penguin. Use contextual links to do this and link out to sites like wikis or high pr web 2.0 sites that are within your niche, but not direct competitors.

      4) Weak content was the cause of the demotion of some sites. However, I am convinced that incoming links is a major factor in other demotions. Rather than just deleting the thin pages it would have been better to have increased their size/quality to see if this would have caused the same ranking improvement. So in other words, make sure that your new website's pages are full of relevant, helpful and unique content.

      5) Maintain a good link balance to the different pages of your site: Home Page - About 10%, Category Pages - About 20-30%, Internal Pages - About 60-70%.

      Hopefully this helps

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    What I would recommend is ecommerce content marketing.
    After you get your store built out start writing blog posts that answer questions that consumers may have about your industry. You can write these articles to target longtail keyword searches. These articles should be written as often as you can and after you get 30+ articles you should see longtail traffic coming in.
    For backlinks try building a strong social media following via Facebook, twitter, and Google +, then promote your 30+ articles using your social media.
    To increase performance, include paid traffic like Facebook ads, promoted tweets, stumbleupon paid discovery, and Adwords all driving traffic directly to your content.
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    so article marketing is still working for you guys? what kinds of articles can i really write though. the site is ecommerce selling products?

    product reviews? anything else?

    where can i distribute other than ezinearticles or goarticles type sites. is squidoo allowing product reviews?
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    You could start build backlinks for your eCommerce website by going into niche forums, niche blogs that allows comments (including your email and URL), Web 2.0 properties, Youtube, etc. To get most of that, try Google Alerts and enter your site's keyword in the search query, and set results to "Blogs".
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