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Seeking an AdSense alternative for 1 of my sites. The reason: I want to maintain privacy for the site by not having to use the same Google AdSense publisher ID (which can link it to other sites on the same AdSense account). Google forbids people having more than 1 AdSense account AFAIK.

Can anyone recommend reputable alternatives? I'm needing the following 2 attributes in a PPC or CPM ad network:

1) Can handle international traffic, showing relevant ads. Doesn't have to support non-english ads (would be nice if it did), but at least ads for/from major non-US countries.

2) Keyword/content weighting or targeting. Whether it be contextual page scanning, or I can supply relevant keywords, I need to have the ads be smart about the pages they are appearing on. Many of the site's pages have a lot of generic content - labels, explanatory text, legal, etc. - with a small portion of very important and relevant information on the page that the visitor is seeking, and ultimately using the site for. I need to have a (contextual/intelligent) ad system that I can steer away from the common boilerplate text and direct to that unique/important/relevant part of the page - like Google AdSense's 'section weighting' feature, or their Custom Search Ads.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

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    Try MadAdsMedia, it shows ads from more than 100 ad networks and I have found it as the best alternative to AdSense among easy-to-get-approved programs. It gives you overall good eCPM rates. If your site has a good Alexa rank, it gets eligible for showing ads from AdSense also. (webmasters think that Alexa rank is useless, but it works here ).

    Or if your site receives high traffic, go for either TribalFusion or BuySellAds. They pay the highest, even more than AdSense....
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    That Mad Ads Media looks pretty interesting. So they act as a gateway to all of the different ad networks? They police the quality control as well?

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    • Mad ads Media is interesting indeed. Their minimum requirement is 300,000 visitors to the site or an alexa ranking of less than 1 million. They also have site optimization specialists available to help you increase your CTR.
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    Finding an alternative to Adsense is very hard.

    If your site is niche site then you can use

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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    What is your niche?

    Have you considered affiliating? Or creating/selling your own product?

    The Ultimate Guide To Link Building

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    There is no adsense alternative... Instead look else where like affiliate marketing, cpa.
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    Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions so far. I'm in the midst of checking out the options presented.


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