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I do not understand how this Keywords issue works for big G!
I go to Google sktool or external tool and see:

Adsense-------------540,000 searches
Adsense Tips------- 4,400 searches

How is this possible?
The "Adsense tip" kw should have 540,000 + x brought by word "Tip"!

Can anybody explain the essence of KW research, please?
Thank you
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    No it works the other way round.
    'adsense tip' is 4400
    'adsense ideas' might be 5000
    'adsense blah' might be 100


    The total for 'adsense' contains the totals for all the phrases with the word 'adsense' in.
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      That was very confusing!
      Please elaborate a little bit.
      Thank you
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        How is that confusing? It's SEO 101, the broader the phrase, the more searches it generates.

        "car" is searched a bazillion times/month
        "car insurance" is searched a lot less, although still heavily
        "car insurance policy in NY" is searched less than 20 times a month

        Be sure you're comparing "exact match" figures from Google's traffic tools. "broad match" is meaningless.

        Change it up! Pitch me a get-rich-slow scheme.

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    @benkleiner - Focus on the long tail keywords and don't worry about singular competitive terms.
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