Does image backlinks helps in seo or google ranking?

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Hello, Some of images on my site are linked by a good ranked websites. I can see those links in google webmaster tools. Will it help my site to get in any case. Also they have hotlinked some images and when I checked on google image search I found My website is replaced by their, however still the image are hosted on my hosting server.
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    Yes. Images are a good way to boost your SERP's, but only when people are on the tab for image (in!) ... So, don't forget to add good alt tag and hope to get some good backlinks (as you already achieved!)

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    The links to your site will benefit you regardless of whether an
    image is used as the anchor or text (naturally text can be powerful
    if it is a keyword you are targeting but an image is good too).
    As for the hot linking, you should look into changing this as that
    other site is stealing your bandwidth. One strategy that you could
    try is to rename the image file to something else. That way their
    link will break.
    Ask...Because you never stop learning.
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