How to get ranked in Bing???!

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Evening guys, I gotta question about Bing the search engine.

I already ranked well for a few keywords in google but not in bing. 90% traffic comes from google an maybe a few from bing a day. Why am I not getting good organic traffic from bing?

I've submitted my website to bing just like I did for google but not with the same results. Anyone know a strategy to get good rankings in bing? And is it the same way as getting ranked in google?

Also any of you guys have any idea how often bing crawls websites compared to google?

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    Lots of links.

    On the other hand, Bing takes time to reflect ranking, obviously they are not on top of the game like Google.

    By the way, why worry about Bing when the search is nothing to write home about..
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    You just continue build high quality backlinks for your website or blog. It may take some time like Google or Yahoo for you to rank well, but Bing is not that big like Google. What really matters now is that your links should be in high quality.
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    Few basic SEO tips for Bing..
    • Bing likes contextual links not just a resources page or in a directory.
    • Bing likes links from highly relevant sites.
    • Bing likes links from authority sites.
    • Bing likes keyword phrase in domain name.
    • Bing likes older domain.
    • Also Bing likes High quality content and at least 300 words on a pages.

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    I am just curious... If you rank 1st in Google, you should be on 1st page in Bing too! Unless you are banned/blacklisted by Bing robot! You don't need anything special to rank for Bing, just a normal SEO!

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      Yeah I'm not blacklisted from Bing, but don't seem to of had much on an impact with my website like I have with google. Google obviously does a good job at crawling my site regularly but I was curious to know if bing is as active doing so?
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        first you need to understand demographic difference between Bing and Google. If your product is focused more on female audience Bing should be your main play. Plus its cheaper. I still don't know why people seem baffled that Bing is better option than google based on profile of business. I am guessing that everyone just assumes in here that everyone is selling info products to men.
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    Recently "Bing" getting more popular day by day. Even some person at present prefer Bing then Google. For getting page rank in Bing, the content of your site should be quality full as well as arranged. Do SEO Or SMO for better page rank..
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  • High-Quality Content + Time + Relevant, related links = Ranking
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    Try their paid traffic. It converts really well!
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    Bing prefers editorial links, Editorial link is a link that appears within a block of content. This includes, primarily, links within the content-portion of web pages and the text of articles and blog posts. Bing doesn't put much value on links from directories or resource pages the way Google does.So to rank in Bing you need to put more focus into gathering these kinds of editorial links. Fortunately, all of these additional links you gain in an effort to rank in Bing will also help your rankings in Google
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