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Hi Guys

I want to create a new UK based website in a fast growing niche. It seems that some nob head has come along and purchased virtually every decent .co.uk domain in the niche with absolutely no intention of creating a website around it.

I'm left with two options (I want a domain that is related to a searched keyword). I can either use a .com and tell google that it is a UK based website via webmaster tools or whatever OR I can purchase a .com or .net version of the domain.

I hate using my-new-domain.co.uk hyphenated domain names as it feels kind spammy and I don't think google likes them as much as standard one's. However, it is a purely UK based website and a .co.uk domain would be ideal to get me ranked within the first 3 or 4 months. There are a couple of hyphenated one's available for searched keywords.

There are still quite a few mynewdomain.com version available as well.

What would you all recommend I do here? What is your preference? Which will help shorter term and longer term rankings?


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    If it will be uk based I'd go with a .co.uk domain. It will be more friendly for uk people

    I think you could find one alternative domain available if you keep thinking (but not hyphenated if possible)

    Even if you want pm me the keyword and I give you some domain ideas
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  • The exact match domains aren't nearly as important as they once were. I'd recommend just going with whatever you think your users will remember/like more. Using hyphens isn't a big deal as long as it is just one or two.

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    It the site is going to be completely UK based that I'll suggest to go for .co.uk as .ccTLD will usually do better in local SERPs with little effort compare to .com domains.
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