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Hi all

Wonder if you could help me with something?

Basically I am a blogger, the blog has been up since early 2010. It lost 2/3rds of the traffic after the last google update. I know why, a) not enough links - a few of my posts ranked well and I was lazy b) I did use a SEO 'expert' last year and he basically pointed spammy links at the blog which has now cost me.

I am working on that but my main question is I need to get back to basics here and pay more attention to rankings and keywords.

I am looking for a paid tool that will give me good keyword research and also show me where my pages are ranking (along with any changes.) Remember though I am not a SEO expert nor that techy, I produce content that is valuable and I want to make sure I am working hard on linkbuilding (with relevant sites) and SEO.

Many thanks in advance.

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    There are several tools that would help you in this regard. You may use the ahref, semrush, traffic travis, hubspot etc. They all are paid tools but give you the whole bunch of flowers you require.
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    Originally Posted by imsun View Post

    Why are you worry about links, If your contents are really unique and valuable. Produce more unique content that is useful for people in your niche. [/URL]

    Whats the use of rich, valuable content if no one goes to his site to read it? You think he's going to rank with just valuable content ? He probably has some med-competitive keywords that will require link building to rank
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    Oh and regarding you question

    Learn basic SEO. It easy to grasp the idea of SEO. It will take you a couple of hours and you'll be set to start making changes to your site immediately. Plenty of free guides out there.

    If you then realize that more complicated work is required, then hire a professional.

    Screw the software

    Seoprofiler.com can help you out though. It performs a semi-decent SEO audit for you every Monday and it shows you exactly where errors are found on your site... how to fix it etc and theirs other stuff for keywords and competitor analysis which I never used before
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      Thanks for the response. I have tried to learn the basics and would love nothing more than to hire a professional. However having been ripped off in the past, I am skeptical of SEO experts now :-(
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    Hi Shane,

    I highly recommend the free version of SEO PowerSuite.

    The WebSite Auditor tool will allow you to see exactly what is going on with your on page optimization of separate pages. It assigns a score to different categories like "headings", "title", "meta", etc. You will also receive suggested changes. Once you make the changes, you can analyze the page and receive a new score. Instant feedback is always fun.

    This should give you a good idea of how to optimize your pages. Once you are comfortable with your on-site SEO, focus on high quality links from high quality websites. A handful of really good links will be worth much more than hundreds of spammy links.


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