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I recently started yahoo PPC and my ads still doesn't show up. It has now been 1-2 days. My bids are high enough I think.

So how long does it take till your ads show up on yahoo?

And does anyone have tips how to make yahoo campaigns faster? Like how you can do it with Adwords Editor and excel.

Any tips about Yahoo SEM are really appreciated. Thanks.
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    You have to have a gold account (i think that is what it is called) on yahoo to upload campaigns like editor or excel. You can call a rep and tell them you plan on spending a lot, and hopefully they will upgrade you, or you can wait until they do up grade you, i dont know how long that will take. If they say no, you can call back and ask someone else or you can wait. Ive always found yahoo to take its time with posting my ads, I do use it, but Im more into adwords because it is more immediate. A good phone call should help you though.
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    Seems like Yahoo likes being behind Google. I noticed that their ad service seems far more complicated than Google. I have heard that those who use it are paying less per click though.
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