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Has anyone experienced very recent (around 5/15) mass de-indexing by Google?

I just had 86 sites de-indexed. If I search on MyDomain.com I get many many results, but if i search on site:MyDomain.com I get: "- did not match any documents. ". Plus my script that lists all pages indexed in the major SEs now shows all zeros for Google.
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    I have had the same problem with 3 sites 6 months ago, but my sites were new and after 1 month of indexing, all 3 sites was de-indexed. After another 1 month 2 of them was re-indexed, but the third is still un-indexed. I can't explain what the heck is happen with the third site, I have built backlinks, is search engine optimized, but 0 results.
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    I'we got this tool SEO quake that shows PR and number of backlinks. The funny thing when I search for particular keyword in google the SERPS are so misleading. First position has PR 4 and has about 47 (yahoo) backlinks while number 10 has PR 7 and has 489 yahoo backlinks. So what does it makes it click for google.

    I was thinking maybe position one has more PR backlinks but why would PR 4 outrank PR7?

    I am really confused now x.x
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      Google PageRank and number of backlinks is not what Google uses to determine SERPs for keywords and keyword phrases.

      Just because a website has a high PR and a lot of backlinks, does not mean it should be positioned above other relevant websites and web pages.

      Google likes Quality more than Quantity!

      A website with a low Google PageRank can be determined to be more relevant than a website with a very high Google PageRank.

      Keep in mind: Relevancy is more important than PR for SERPs.

      Although some processes are the same, optimizing a website to increase Google PageRank and optimizing increase organic search engine traffic; need to be considered as (2) two separate processes.

      If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to post them.
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      So it all comes down to the old one: Content is the king
      I need to do more research for on page optimization...

      Can I ask how much backlinks should I create each day?

      Thanks Brett
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      I would recommend add a few quality backlinks every few weeks, if you are launching a new website. For established websites, you may only need to add a few every month or so.

      It is more important to have a few quality backlinks compared to many backlinks from non-relevant sources.

      Remember: When adding backlinks to your website, do not always link back to the main page (homepage) of your website. Add optimized backlinks to different pages within your website from other pages on websites with content that is relevant to the page on your website that you are linking to.

      If you have any further questions or concerns feel free to post them.
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      Let's say I want to be #1 for the word "cd tisak osijek" - how exactly would you recommend what steps should I make to get to #1 position. It is low competition keyword. I have a HTML site I want to rank for that keyword and what name should I name the page of my site (name.html)?
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        You should build a page name and description including your keyword. Think of something creative that includes your keyword phrase.

        eg Name might be....'' Unique online guide to xxxxx ''

        Description.........''Revealing the latest information on xxxxx with articles and videos showing how to.....

        (but a bit better than these, just thought them up quickly)

        Then try to get your backlinks in with links that include your phrase in the text of the linking site/article
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          ...and remember, your page title and description are what often shows to searchers in the SERPs...so make them as good as possible...try and build wording that's going to encourage a searcher to click.
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          2 cortical steps you must do to obtain top positions on the SERP's.

          content and backlinks

          I agree with chaumi " build a page name and description including your keyword."

          Picked a keyword, did some research to see what kind of traffic you will get.
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      the above comments made my seo doubts more clear and made me perfect

      will use those tactics for my portal site and get better serps with properly targeted keywords
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