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I just bought Scrapebox (actually a few weeks ago) and I haven't done much with it.

Could an experienced Scrapebox user possibly suggest the best 3-5 best things I should be doing with Scrapebox? Absolute White-Hat only. I suppose I'm interested in link-building although local citations would be nice and things like that.

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    Three things come to mind: generating a gigantic list of keywords from a few seed keywords, prospecting for good blogs in your niche to manually comment on and bulk broken link checking (for broken link building). There are tutorials for each of those listed on Google, unfortunately it's been too long that I don't remember.

    "SEO is knowing what the search engines want and giving it to them… so hard they f***ing bleed" — Dave Naylor

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    Thanks for the responses. That gives me a good starting point.
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    you use scrape box for white hat seo? ................Scrape box is mind blowing backlink creating tool as well spaming tool......................to use it you need to lot study ...................... Right now scrape box is very good for tire linking ..................Most of the expert use this for their 2nd tire ..............
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    I use Scrapebox on a daily basis. Primarily, I use it to identify recent posts from high traffic, niche-related blogs. Plug in a few hundred niche keywords, tick the "24 hours" button, and go. Then I run those results through a PR / Alexa check to get a rough idea of how popular the blog is. Commenting on niche-related blogs is one of my favorite methods of bringing in some super-targeted traffic. It's not a HUGE amount, but it's very, very targeted.

    Scrapebox is also the best keyword generator I've ever used. I like to grab a bunch of keywords from the Google keyword planner, put them into the Scrapebox keyword scraper, "append A-Z" and let it do its thing. Generating more than 50,000 long-tails is a breeze. You can plug these back into the keyword planner to get search estimates.

    And I use it to identify high PR posts from moderated blogs, making sure to leave comments that I'd approve on my own blogs.
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    I'm using it for less than a month and it has become one of the most useful tools I've ever used.

    think of it as a super search and extract tool. You can find almost anything you want... citations, e-mails, platforms, etc... every day I find a new use for it

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    Definitely start learning as much about how to use scrapebox as possible. Watch a variety of videos and tutorials on different methods and techniques.

    Learn about footprints, how to use them for generating lists of sites, and how to filter them. Also useful features include checking proxies, PR/Alexa, Alivecheck addon, and basically everything else.
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