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Hey SEO pro's can you guys recommend a good software or online solution that's affordable that will detail my back-links for me??

I want to be able to see which of my efforts are getting the most results, maybe check on the competition etc...

Any tips is really appreciated - thanks

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    I always prefer backlinkwatch. it's good and gives you accurate report so you do not need to go anywhere else.
    you should give it a try.
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    I also heard about spyglass is the best one but I personally never used it .
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    bcklinkwatch is great tool.try it.
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    Backlinkwatch one of the tool to check back links.

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    I am using, and for checking back links...
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    I used it's good and free for 10 results every day..
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    Cool, Im liking spy glass, what about a tool to check site structure for problems. And also Im working on a site that I believe has been sandboxed for reasons I can't quite figure out does anyone know and methods for identifying these problems?? Or any techniques for getting them out?
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    hxxp:// is the most dynamic backlink analysis software out there, hands down.
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    The backlink checker software you consider using should include these five: BackLinkWatch - it's free and it gives additional services to bloggers, Ahrefs - it gives you the largest index of live backlinks, Analyze Backlinks - it's popular since it's simple to use; Majestic SEO - it's really popular with thousands of users and it's clear why, and Open Site Explorer by SEOMoz.

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    Thanks for the info guys!
    i'll check these programs!
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    Non of Software or tools show you exact result except webmaster...................If you really thinking to check competitor backling profile to analysis their strength then you can use few online tool as well desktop tool .But i dont know are you able afford their monthly subscribe package .
    if you are thinking to use paid version of backlink checking tool then you can go : and so far this tool is better than any other backlink checking tool
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    I would go for seo spyglass, majesticseo and ahrefs.
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    well for me I rely more on paid ahrefs and screamingfrog. free editions are not that accurate.
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      hands down Majestic SEO, Majestic SEO is a search engine in itself and shows pretty accurate backlink data plus they organize your backlinks from highest value to lowest. You can also see the anchor text, trust flow and citation flow of each of your backlinks.

      I believe many software get their data from yahoo which is probably not as accurate as Majestic SEO.

      I'm relying on Majestic SEO for keyword research and I've been able to rank top 3 on first page of Google trusting the data from Majestic SEO to outrank my competition...

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  • Okay, I will recommend Traffic Travis- hxxp:// This has a free version but the paid is also very cheap compared to most of the SEO software out there.

    Traffic Travis can do keyword research, website analysis- including backlinks, and it also features PPC results just to name a few.

    I hope that helps.
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    +1 for
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    It depends on what you want to do really.

    If you want to dive into lots of data and see the most number of links: hxxp://

    If you want to just get clean data: hxxp://

    And finally, my personal favorite. If you want to see all the new links your competitors are building(gives you daily reports of new links): hxxp://

    So in reality the "best" is subjective. Personally, I'd say the best bang for your buck is Daily Link Spy. It's cheaper than all the others and I think it has a free trial too. But like I said your needs may vary.
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