How do I tell google my static site is updated?

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I started to learn SEO not long ago.

Now I am trying out using keywords on my webpage. But I'm not sure I am doing the right thing. This is what I am doing:

Step 1:
Go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and key in the topic of my website. For example, making money online.

Step 2:
Select the keywords that have the highest CPC and search volume.

Paste the keywords into the mega tag of my webpage.

Can anyone guide me? Please. Thanks.
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    Please dont start any other make money online blog..please..

    follow the tips here: Competitive Keyword Analysis, how do YOU do it? - SitePoint Forums

    also read the niche tutorial in
    He's a top 10 blogger by technorati..

    But please dont start a MMO get profit only when competition is this thread by me
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      Hi leslielim80,

      If I understand your question, you're asking how to use the keywords you've selected on your web page?

      You should use the keywords you've selected as the topic and within the title of your web page.

      Include your keyword in the title description tags, don't worry about the keyword tag as that is ignored by major search engines. Use your targeted keywords on-page in headings and where appropriate in the content.

      Use your targeted keywords in anchor text that links to your page from other sections of your website as well as directory listings and other self created link building efforts.
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    You not only need your keywords in your meta tags but you should be weaving them throughout the copy of your pages. Each page of your site should be optimized for only 2 or 3 keyword phrases at most. Use the keywords in the page title, in your heading tags and if possible in the text copy of the page. You can also use them in your alt tags on your page images too. I hope this helps.
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    How do I tell google my static site is updated?, do I ping them with regular ping service or is it just for blogs?

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      Hey Karl,

      Yes, use a pinging service like
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      Best habbit to check with some SEO free tools . You can Ping also . No it is for all website . Not for specific blog . I use this tools to check FREE Search Engine Ranking
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