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Im def going to jump into it, no if ands or buts, but i wanted your guys tips and hints to make sure i do not make too many mistakes my first time around, so any helpgul hints you guys can offer?
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    It depends on what kind of PPC you want to do: is it AdWords/BingAds, Facebook, ad networks?

    Overall the best tip to give you is to test everything yourself. Reading advice online can be good, but you need to generate your own data, analyze that and then hopefully you will be able to turn a campaign profitable.

    Don't expect to earn profits immediately; when you start out you should be happy just to generate sales/leads. Profits will come down the line once you get better.

    I mostly work with lead generation through AdWords/BingAds so feel free to PM me if you want specific help with those.

    I mentor in CPA marketing, especially lead generation. PM me for info.

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    On that matter, I have an affiliate book site, and I'm thinking on using PPC to promote it. Do you think it's wise considering the niche? any special issues I need to know?
    I know it's pretty general, I just need to feel confident if I'm on the right track or not.
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      " Think big - start small - scale fast. "

      I'd suggest for u to take a horizontal approach (testing different stuff - in this case ppc networks) and scale vertically whatever works for u. Once you do that you devote ur time towards that.

      Sharing from my own experience. Hope it helps!
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    All PPC follow the same fundamentals, to be honest. They just have different set of rules to go about things. So pretty much if you learn PPC using adwords , you will be able to take that knowledge and apply it to BindAds.

    One thing that is key, is organizing your keywords in related groups. So keywords that have 2 related words go into one group, like this you can write relevant ads for these keywords. Relevance is HIGHLY IMPORTANT. Another thing, I would recommend always running at least 2 ads at a time for each keyword group.Like this you test out which ad is better and gets higher CTR.

    Once you know which one is better, delete the less successful one, and create a new ad to beat the ad that was more productive. Also, try reading this guide, even if you don't go onto adwords, it will help you get an idea of things:
    How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)
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    There are many things that you should take care of. However I have some simply rules that I always follow and always lead to good results:

    Keywords with:
    100 impressions and 0 clicks - Pause them
    20 clicks and 0 leads - Pause them
    CPA above CPL - Pause them
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