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who can tell approx. prices for adwords for 1 website?
How many keywords can I enter for one site ad?
do I need to confirm google account to use ads adwords by any means and by what means? I mean by phone or providing any documents or photo of mine,? like for paypal for example.

Thanks and welcome to everyone.
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    You need to put your keywords into the keyword planner to get approximate pricing.


    You need a gmail account.

    Use a prepaid credit card so it doesn't eat up all your money in your bank account

    Peace out
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      Price may vary due to many factors. I would shy away from putting a bunch of keywords for one ad. Doing so, will mess with your CTR and relevance.

      Create separate ad groups containing keywords that have 1 or 2 words in common. There is no limit to how many keywords per ad group, but I would try to stick with 30 KW tops per group.

      Once you have done this, create 2 ads per group, so like this you can split test the ads, to see which one is working better and getting you leads and conversions.

      This guide is couple months old(Refers to KW Tool instead of KW planner) , but the fundamentals are there:
      How to Create a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign (from Scratch)

      Use it to help you out and hopefully answer future questions.
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        thanks, to all, I am reading today all that and tomorrow. By the way, when I will use these ads, when I will stop using them, will my site get or stay on 1-3 pages of google for some time?, when now for example it is on the page 20 for 1 main keyword. what do you know, anyone who used it.:confused:
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    Well with Adwords, the ads stay there until you stop paying. As soon as you stop paying, they stop showing. Adwords is PPC(Pay Per Click), seems to me that you are referring to organic search when you state that you are on page 20 for a keyword.

    Do research, so you can fully understand PPC, because you can lose A LOT of money if you do it wrong. Seems like you're a bit confused.
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    Yes, it is right, when I stop using them, will my site slowly goes down pages for the same organic keyword that I was suggesting in adwords, or will my site return to its position like page 20 directly on the same day, I stop using them. I am not confused, as I read a lot, twitter for example gives 17-18 persons-robots for web-traffic for every tweet, that is the largest sum of all social media market companies.
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    ok, I have read and now I understand what is what, calculation of headlines and prices, bids.
    Only again I request: what documents I need to use adword, I mean like in paypal, what they request?: like telephone confirmation? or id documents or what, thanks.
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    If you refer to billing info, they request the following:
    • Contact name
    • Street address
    • City
    • State
    • ZIP code
    • Phone number

    Then in Payment settings you choose:
    • Automatic payments or manual payments
    • Credit card or bank account

    That's all the info that is required as far as I remember, at least for the U.S.
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    do I need to provide some confirm for the data above like paper copy? Also, as I had seen, there is no way to fund google adwords account with paypal- is that correct?
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      No, you can not fund Adwords with Paypal. As for the paper copy, I imagine they confirm everything with the information you provide , be it bank account or credit card.

      When I registered, I did not need to confirm anything. But don't quote me on that.
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    thank you very much MR. Disloyal; ok, and now I write here officially, if anyone has money-funds on his google adwords and they are doing nothing there, he is not going to use them, I would like to advertise with him, and I give him by paypal, I can pay every 5 $ for the start, to believe that I am not scammer. Write here in this thread if anyone has money doing nothing in his account, as to me it`s very bothering to open this till I do`nt need large investments.
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    Prices depend on the products and how you build your campaigns! I can see you are not very familiar with PPC. My advice would be to make some more research before you start! You can become millionaire from Adwords, but you can also lose your money fast if you don't know what to do!

    Any questions - let me know!
    Want To Know How I Make Money Online? Read my story http://affiliate-lifestyle.com/
    Follow me on Instagram for Daily Inspiration & Free Tips: svetlintodd
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    thanks to everyone, I am not familiar, but I now understand more than good all this. If you have money doing nothing on your account, let me know.
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