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Is Link wheel creation still effective for seo?
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  • There are several people who claim that doing link wheels is no longer recommended because it can easily detect the pattern and Google will recognize it as unnatural backlinking method.

    I think you can still do link wheels but only to your 2nd tier sites. DO NOT link directly to your money site. OR you can post to web 2.0 sites but make sure that all links are pointing to your money site only.

    I hope that helps.
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    I think wheter linkwheel is good or bad is debatable..There're lots of people say it's still good for SEO but the other people say it's bad since google can detect them and penalyze your site..If you want to know for sure you'd better to try and prove it by yourself..
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    Internal link wheels are helpful for tying pages together but I wouldn't take it off-site.
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    they were massively used in the past, but now they are no more effective as google can very easily detect them and you can get penalized, which obviously you would never want.
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    Effective like your signature.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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    It's always valuable to add links to important profile websites, but I would not do it nowaday's as a link building strategy, but more to diversifiy your backlink sources.

    Use it - don't overdo and rely on it.
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    Originally Posted by Annie seo View Post

    Is Link wheel creation still effective for seo?
    As with most gray hat link building tactics, link wheel creation is as powerful as ever when done properly (outside the prying eyes of Google).
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    Yes, it still has influence in SEO. There is nothing wrong in linking unique and relevant content. What’s wrong is when you act in a spammy manner linking together duplicate content just for the sole heck of linking!

    Spammers have abused this technique to quite an extent and people may discourage you on this technique. But I am saying from personal experience the technique works great when done organically.

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    If you do this technique originally or in a meaningful way then definitely it will help your site.
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    Link wheel also can be effective only if you use website with high DA and unique content.
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