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Can anyone recommend a good solid SEO software to use?
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    It really depends in your requirement.
    Scrape Box is one of the best tool for SEO. They provide lot of free Add ons with that tool.
    Download Good Morning Images Here
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    I use Moz (Previously SEOMoz).
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    Originally Posted by dynamyt100 View Post

    Can anyone recommend a good solid SEO software to use?
    To be honest with you captain.......

    There's no one software that's going to do it for you. Your going to need to have a couple in the arsenal.

    Personally I like GSA BUT don't spam with it. Use caution when you use it and scrape box is good for those bottom tiers to boost page rank.

    Rank wyz is good service as well. Be sure to check it out and be patient when learning how to use the softwares.
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    GSA it's very good but i recommend to use it with strict rules and not against your money site (YouTube videos, Squidoo lenses etc), unless you know what you're doing.
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    There are tons of website i.e. senuke, GSA and others for link building and there are free tools which shows you how to do them and what needs to be optimized.

    But if you are a little bit more specific to your needs then that might help us to give you the right answer.
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    A good solid SEO Software to be used is SEOMoz software which provides upto date information on the elements required for SEO.
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  • hey dynamyt,

    seo is natural and organic process which required software for analysis, optimization and monitoring purpose only ..

    don't use same for generate backlink ..

    best what i will suggest you are below ..

    1st) SEOMoz - Trial Version is Free ..
    2nd) SEMRush - To Check Your Keywords on SERP - Trial is Free
    3rd) Alexa - For Traffic Checking and Other Factors - Free Trial
    4th) aHREF - Backlink Monitoring and Checking
    5th) LinkResearchTools - To Find Bad Backlinks which will Hurt Your Site ..

    Hope You will choose Best one but Still Alway Make use of GA and GW they are Best to Monitor ..
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    There are so many SEO software in the market.
    1- SyCara
    2- Hubshout
    3- SEO PowerSuite
    4- Conductor
    5- WebPosition
    6- Advanced Web Ranking
    7- Web CEO LTD
    8- Searchmetrics
    9- Linkdex Limited
    10- Internet Business Promoter.
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    The one I use is Ahrefs.
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    what purpose do you need software to fulfill?

    One giant leap of awesomness

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    I really like the new backlink checker by Webmeup
    WebMeUp backlink tool - link checker with fastest growing index
    It's free and it lets you get a full list of links in CSV

    I also use Google Webmaster tools and Google Analytics

    And I also use Google Keyword Planner for keyword research
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    i use Scrape Box this is a really great software for seo.
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