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Hey guys has anything changed with google in the last couple of days? Almost all of our keywords are gone on google. I check my webmaster account and have no messages about a penalty has anyone else had any problems?
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    You have likely been hit by one of the updates. They don't always provide you with feedback in the Webmaster account. If you know that you have participated in gray/black hat methods then you can be sure that you have been slapped by Google. If not, then try to describe the situation in more detail.

    Hope that helps,
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    Check if you have bad back links pointing to your site.
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    Google has rolled out Penguin 2.1 on 5th October'2013. I think your site is effected by this update.
    Few basic tips:
    • Do keyword variations such as long-tail, domain, click here etc
    • Do not link with keywords every time.
    • Do not copy content from others.
    • Do not use any tools/software for building backlinks.
    • Collect backlinks from relevant high quality (High PR, High Domain Authority) sites.

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    Check This: Google Latest Update
    Meet Hummingbird: Google Just Revamped Search To Answer Your Long Questions Better
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      Hummingbird should not affect ranking as long as you have been doing the right things all along. It will just give you more precise answers if you ask google a question.
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    A lot of Google updates are occurring these days, even many of them remaining absolutely unannounced and you are not the only webmaster experiencing a quick drop in ranks. Such sudden changes in ranks usually occur usually because of link profiles. Meaning that many of the links pointing to a certain site quickly become with no values. Like when thousands of links come from only a few forums or blogs or when all of links have exactly the same keywords. If your website does not have some good content pages, that too could be a reason.
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    Yes there has been an update few days earlier, you need to see if you have any low quality un-natural backlinks to your site, or any stolen articles/content.
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    Were you keyword stuffing?
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