How to make money with PPC?

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How do you make money with PPC such as Google Adwords?

From what I understand Google advertises your webpage and every time someone clicks it you must pay Google.

I have researched it a bit and found that it can be quite expensive. I also know that you can set a budget. But depending on how much it is I can imagine it would be hard to make a profit.

What exactly makes the price of PPC fluctuate? say 10 cents a click or 10.00 a click? I find this idea of Affiliate Marketing very interesting but I am not sure how to go about it.

I have used Google but just get confused because it goes into extreme detail.

Any help on this subject would be appreciated.
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    Google is a pay per clic network. You advertise and if someone clic your ad you pay a certain amount per clic. What the clic will cost depends on a comination of factor.

    If your ads get clicked well , you will have a goog CTR (clic through) which means that people clic often on your ad in relation to the amount of time the ad is getting shown.
    In return google will reward you for high clic trouth by lowering the cost per clic.

    The level of coimptition affect the cost per clic as well. For example in the banking sector (loans) clics can get pretty nasty high. (5-10 $ + per clic)

    But smaller niche like the auto industry for example you can have low clics as low as 50 cents. You don't need to be the first one in the search results to get clics. It is often better to be thirs , 4 th or 5 th and get lower cost per clics to be able to get a good cost per conversion.

    Im offering to help people with a free counsulting for this if you like. all I ask is that you thank me if you fgeel I helped you well.

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      I've just read that apparently you can not use Ad words to promote affiliate links?

      How would people possibly make money with this then?
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        Its true. What you could do is to create a page that is informative from wich you link to the affiliate product. But you have to be carefull whth what you are associating with.

        Thousands of account got banned a couple of years ago because google wanted to dissociate with this kind of business.

        There are sill alot of product you can legitimatly promote with google, but try to stear clear of affiliate products like weight loss, **** berry and such...
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    Man that's no fun :/ I wonder why they do not allow people to promote products.
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    Just certain product theey don't allow.
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    Adwords is simple. The traffic quality is excellent (better than Bing Ads), and you'll get more clicks than Bing Ads too. If you want to learn some SUPERB tips about Adwords and PPC advertising... visit Wordstream's blog: wordstream .com/blog
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    A leading expert on Google AdWords PPC for years has been Perry Marshall. He has several good books, lots of useful videos, etc. Do a search on his name.

    Basically, to make more than you spend with AdWords, your product or service can't be inexpensive. As an Online Marketer, I run successful AdWords campaigns where (for example) my client's service earns $100 to $300 per sales conversion, my Landing Page for him converts at around 20% and clicks cost less that $3.00.

    I've tried to sell ebooks with AdWords for $19.95, but AdWords is (usually) too expensive for such low cost items. Google makes money, you lose money.
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      another good way to do ppc is remarketing because usually clic are half the normal cost for a clic.
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    If you want to make more money online choosing pay per click internet marketing networks in promoting your product can be your best option. You may find a lot of available advertisement networks online such as Google Adwords, Adbrite, Chitika,etc but choosing best of them will give you better chances of gaining more viewers of your site or potential customers. For better understanding on the ways of developing and promoting your product online Pay per Click internet marketing is one of the best ways. -
    Promoting Your Own Products (pay per click internet marketing method :-

    This step can be a little different than promoting an affiliate product as this will take time to accomplish, however; the benefits can be really worth it. This time you need to have your own product and create a blog. You need to purchase a domain and sort out hosting so that you have many ways to gather potential buyers. You will not only earn more but you can also bid more on keywords.

    But in this method, the promotion and giving information ratio must be 20: 80. Don’t promote your product so much in blog, try it solve the problems and give suggestion on your product related niche.

    Promoting Affiliate Products (pay per click internet marketing method :-

    If you want to promote an affiliate product and expect higher level of purchase, you can choose a particular item from sites like Commission Junction or ClickBank. Try to select a high selling item from the site’s list. After this you can create a pay per click ad for the affiliate product which will send traffic to the site. This can be an excellent step to get as much traffic for their product.

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    PPC is a great way to make lots of money and remains my number 1 choice.

    You should take some time and learn how to set up your campaigns and not just create a campaign without knowing anything about it. If you want to make it really profitable take your time and create solid campaigns. Campaign management is crucial to get high CTR, conv.rate and QS which will reflect to your av.cpc.

    If you have any questions regarding PPC, I'd be happy to help!
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    If you want to create a list of traffic emails, you can send your pay per click ads in a squeeze page. This page has an option box that will provide free items such eBooks and a online marketing videos in exchange for the viewer's email addresses. In this way you can build a list of prospective buyers, forward them a free eBook where you can directly promote a new product for them to purchase.

    I observed this type of PPC criteria on one of the best social media site and through this method; they made a very long list of subscribers for their products.
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    If you want use PPC as your main marketing, don't forget to do list building for your own long term business.
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      never made any money with them, they are too expensive!
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        Originally Posted by cpa-money View Post

        never made any money with them, they are too expensive!
        Maybe you are right, so why you need to build a list with this paid traffic method.
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    So just to confirm! Clickbank Affiliate marketing with Google Adword is a No No.??
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      Originally Posted by LimitlessTraffic View Post

      So just to confirm! Clickbank Affiliate marketing with Google Adword is a No No.??
      Yes, I wouldn't recommend it you doing it.
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      Originally Posted by LimitlessTraffic View Post

      So just to confirm! Clickbank Affiliate marketing with Google Adword is a No No.??
      Im not so sure about that... I know some people that had very big success doing exactly this, anyways I think that promoting CPA offers on Adwords is much better than promoting Clickbank offers... this is just my experience, the ROI has been higher for me when doing CPA. You gotta know what you are doing though, Google seems to HATE affiliate style landing pages and stuff, and most likely they will never approve your ad. There are certain tips to get around that when making a landing page that Google "likes", so you can run your ads
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      niravg I LIKE THE CONCEPT. how do you drive traffic to the shopping cart for the offer you are promoting ? Most of them are single scrolling squeeze pages with the price and " go to cart " at the bottom. I assume you would have to screw with the Affiliate URL and change the re-direct page to the url for that. I would love to be able bypass the splash page on some offers and go directly to the cart because in most cases I can sell the product better than the affiliate. The question is ..... How do you change to the shopping cart page and still get paid ?
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    Or if you are into really "blackhat" stuff, you can use a cloaker and run whatever landing page you want. You will still get caught and banned eventually so this is not a long term method by any means, but you can still make a TON of money while it lasts, if you do it right
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    Before you dive into adword i urge you to learn the ropes otherwise you will be wasting your money.

    If you can earn money off free targeted traffic then you are half way done with making money with adword.

    The only difference is, with adword you have the overhead cost of paying dearly for the traffic which you need to sum up with your earnings before you can declare profit.
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    Google AdWords can be very affordable and at the same time extremely pricey, depending on the keywords you choose to associate with your text links. A general rule of thumb is to pick long-tail keywords that much better than shorter terms, convert better and they are very affordable. But, you should also consider improving money-making potentials of your website. Say for example if on average every click costs you $1, you should at least earn $1.5 to be happy and have a positive track record in the long term.
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      There are a number of other ad platforms that offer PPC advertising. You can try them as Google is getting very difficult.
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    The idea that your product must be expensive for Adwords to work for you is not true. You can make it work for products that earn $10. I've been doing it for years.

    I like Bing better. It generally gives me a better ROI but Google Adwords with a product that will net you $10 will work.
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