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Hey all,

As you know, I'm building a website. I know the domain name I need, etc. It will cost me $11.48 at Namecheap per year. However, the .com extension is already taken and sells for $4.5K. I don't have that kind of money .

The .net and .org extensions are both the same price ($11.48/yr), so I'm wondering which I should take. Which one would give me added credibility and trust to both people and search engines?

Or does it even really matter?

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    .org is usually reserved, but not necessarily, for non-profit orgs.

    .net is a poor substitute for the .com, but if that's all there is and you can't come up with a better .com then take the .net. Grab the .org while you're at it, just for interest.

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    He can't go for the .com because it costs too much.
    The .com is too expensive. Just pick the two of these domain names (you may need the other one in future). Work on the .net. If you do proper SEO, you will rank for the keywords and dominate the niche. I presume the owner of the .com just took the domain name and isn't working on it. Get an edge over it.
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    I quite like .net suffixes. But I'd be wary if the .com was already in use, or was a popular website in the past.
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      Originally Posted by brettb View Post

      ...I'd be wary if the .com was already in use, or was a popular website in the past.

      If the .com is popular then your most likely going to lose type in traffic that's just confused on the domain extension (.com vs .net).
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    I wouldn't build a site on a .net or .org where the .com was taken by someone else. That gives another party too much control over your site's future. What if they waited to see if your site works, then built a clone or sold the domain to someone else who would do that?

    I would suggest either trying to negotiate for the .com, or finding an alternative .com

    Who knows, by challenging yourself to look, you may find a better one.
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      The extension does not matter. Anyone that says it does, does not
      know SEO. Period.

      You can easily come up with an alternate dot com.

      Thinking a domain is magical, is a poor substitute for SEO.


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        Hi JRJohn,

        I would go with a .com extension if I was doing it. Google is getting away from EMD (Exact Match Domains) and if you get a buzz going about your brand people will instinctively think it is a .com domain. If you can't get the exact .com you want you can always add an additional word, like "review" or "center" or something along those lines.

        Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help, guys. I'll check up on NameCheap once more.
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    Both will rank fine. I would go with .net.

    Lots of companies also use .org btw. SEOmoz for example used to be SEOmoz.org.

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    .net or .org should rank similarly to .com, but people always give more credibility to .com, unless the purpose of the project naturally fits as "networking" or "organizational"
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    I'd prefer .net
    In your case it looks suitable as compared to .org
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    .org or .net.....If I had to choose I would get both. But if I had another option, I would change the domain name to something I like, and got the .com.


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    Both! but if you can afford only one, than .org - usually it is better in seo
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    *NET- is normally used by the internet companies, networks, designers.
    *ORG- is normally used by the organisation, groups, charity services.
    According to my analysis .ORG is highly recommended by the search engine than the .NET
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