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Hi Warriors!

There is an issue with my website that I have been ignoring for a few months... I first started my site last December, and although it took a while to grow, within three (maybe sooner) months my posts were quickly indexed by Google, and many of my posts were competing with top websites on the first page. I just did some keyword research, and plugged keywords into my posts, and "viola" instant results. Of course I was surprised that my strategy had worked because my strategy is as basic as it gets...

Then a month or so later I hired someone to do SEO work on my site. I am not sure what happened, but I think I may have made a mistake because my posts sunk in rank. I asked the SEO guy about it, but he couldn't really provide an answer. Also life became increasingly busy around that time so I stopped working on my site as much. Now I have started blogging again, but I feel a little lost and wonder if damage was done to my site in terms of SEO.

Q: If so can this damage be repaired? Do I need SEO or should I just keep posting and continue to work on my social media platforms? If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Thank you :confused:
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    I would keep plugging away with your current site and start a new one at the same time, if the old one doesn't pick up after a few months stop.

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    This question is hard to answer without all the facts.

    It could be a case of SEO gone wrong (This happens if you employ the cheap black-hat SEO "experts") or could just be a bit of the Google dance mixed in with the fluctuations from all their updates.

    It is hard to say without being able to inspect the website directly.
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    If your site is penalized, probably you may want to start on a new website as recovering a site from penalty is even tougher to rank a site with SEO.
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