who's using the new adwords interface?

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I've been using it for about a month now and still to this day I'm finding new features and ways to use them... does anyone have a particular feature that they like the most??
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    I really like the inline editing, makes things much easier and a bit quicker when setting up campaigns.
    Words can't explain how excited I am with facebook advertising... I promise to share more in the new year! www.enicholas.com
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    Just started using it. As with anything new I'm still finding my way around but after a few weeks I'm sure it will all become second nature.
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      I havent actually explored it yet although i probably will now since ive got some spare time.

      I quite like the webmaster tools new layout so i would imagine any changes are for the best, plus everyone always gets used to it, look at when Facebook changed! ive never seen so many people complaining because they didnt like it......now they love it ? Guess change is hard for some people :rolleyes:
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    I don't like it as it's slower to get stuff done in there.
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    Just started - it's INCREDIBLY slow though, at least for me.
    Wine - bubbles and more
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