Why Is It Taking So Long To Index?

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When I first put up my site, I found Google visiting it all the time. I would get little email updates 6 or 7 times throughout the day. Now, my best content which is linked to from my homepage is not getting indexed for days.

The last one of my posts indexed was the one I posted back on the 5th of October. I've posted something just about every day since then.

What gives? Why did google like to show up and find new stuff before but doesn't seem so interested now?
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    Well, I created another new post last night, and it isn't indexed. I'll often use pingler to ping the posts but that hasn't proved to be as effective as it was a few years ago. I've pinged posts since the 5th and nothing since that day has been indexed.

    This morning I posted and update on my Twitter feed...which I have not used in a long, long time. Then I pinged that. We'll see if that gets some results.

    I also looked at the Hobot Bot Tracker report and I guess I was wrong. Google is visiting my site. It's been visiting it each day apparently. It just doesn't seem to like my main real estate market update posts which summarize all of the detailed activity for the day. Big G is visiting all of the individual listing posts that I've created as well as some older listing posts. It just isn't really indexing the main post that ties it all together since the one published on the 5th.

    So this morning I took the category feed for just the market updates category and stuffed it into it's own Feedburner feed. Then I optimized it with Title/Description Burner, turned on Pingshot and bought a Fiverr Gig to submit this new Feedburner feed to the various RSS directories/aggregators.

    We'll see if this does the trick in getting these posts indexed in a timely manner.

    I'm a Realtor who is building a website about homes for sale in Plymouth. I don't really sell stuff online.

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    A few days is nothing to be worries about. It has taken me many weeks to index certain things before.
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    Strange though how your content are not getting indexed any longer..

    Did you make any recent change to your theme or something..

    Perhaps this article will help you - 8 Reasons Why Your Site Might Not Get Indexed - YouMoz - Moz
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      I'm really not knowing why some of the posts did not get indexed. Big G went to the site and indexed the individual listings that I linked to from those summary posts...but not the long-form summary posts themselves.

      Also, these summary posts were not simply copy/paste content from the individual listings...they were hand-written summaries of all the new homes on the market in my target city as well as all the change price, pending, and sold property updates.

      Apparently though, submitting the category-specific Feedburner feed to the RSS aggs worked. All of those posts except the most recent two have been indexed.

      I'm a Realtor who is building a website about homes for sale in Plymouth. I don't really sell stuff online.

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    Just because your pages exist, doesn't mean that Google will index them. Also, are you confusing ranking with indexing?

    I guess I'm not understanding because I've never been in the position where my posts were not indexed, EXCEPT once, where I finally realised I'd bought a penalised domain.
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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    If it's the site in OPs forum sig. I see a bunch of different xml sitemaps. OP which xml sitemap (If any) did you submit to GWT?

    Maybe there's confusion for Googlebot which sitemap to be looking at. I see a total of 20 xml sitemaps on the page/URL below, each xml sitemap has a different Change Frequency.

    Here's what I see: hxxp://plymouthhomesource.com/sitemapindex.xml
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      Yukon...the URL you posted is the one to my main sitemap. The sitemap index plugin that i use creates sub-sitemaps that are silo'd from the main one. I can't remember if I tinkered with the change frequency or not when I set it up.

      I think though that I'm going to try and get some of the categories excluded from the sitemap now that I look at it. The market update summary posts are in the "posts" sub-sitemap and so are all the placeholder posts that I use only for re-directs to the main listing. I don't really want those in there.

      I'm a Realtor who is building a website about homes for sale in Plymouth. I don't really sell stuff online.

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