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I am building a blog to promote a network marketing opportunity. The company naturally doesn't want me to use their name or any of their product/trade names on the site I promote the product and income opportunity with - unless I get it approved by them first, which is always a time-consuming hassle with no real upside ... other than avoiding their demanding I take down a (hopefully) well-ranking site at some point in the future, when they catch up with me.

On the other hand, I really like the idea of using the company and/or product name in your Domain Name and/or as Key Words in/on my site.

Anyway, I'm wondering which of the following strategies might work best, given my concerns:

1) Use the company/product names in my DN and if they find out and tell me to stop using that DN, I'll just recreate the site with another DN.

* But, won't I lose any/all SEO, page-ranking, etc that I might have built up over the months or years before they catch up with me? Or does that some how automatically transfer over to the new site (or actually,, the same site with a different DN ... if it can be considered the "same").

2) Build the site with another DN from the git-go and use the DN with the company/product names to redirect to my real site with the other name.

* But will I have much luck in my "redirecting" DN (the one with the company/product names) being found by Google or the person searching for those KWs (company/product names), if the DN containing them is not associated with a real site with content, etc. but rather just redirects to my "real" site (the one with the other, non-company/non-product names in the URL)?

* Does it matter - in terms of being found by Google/people searching for the KWs of the company/product names - if the redirecting DN (with those KWs) redirects to my "real" site and that real site is well-ranked (for similar KWs, but not specifically the company/product names)?

Any suggestions?

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    1) yes, you lose it all.

    2) To use the names/keys and redirects well, you'll need to be cloaking. Simply redirecting one url to another, it's going to be difficult to rank the original url. Unless you're promoting the url offline or ppc or something like that, probably not worth it.

    The redirects can benefit the landing url, but no better (in some cases not as well) as regular backlinks to the landing url itself.

    Personally I would stay away from the trademarked names and issues the merchant wants you to avoid. If it's not worth the time to ask them for permission, why would you focus your site on it?
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