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I know I'm just giving a different shape to a question asked and answered over and over again. Still, your answer might have a different shape too.
Let's say you have an ad group that's targeting some high-intent keywords enhanced by a good negative list. And that ad group brings you people that are hot to buy a product, maybe they are researching features, prices, durability, reviews, etc before buying, but the strong intent to buy is present. Do you agree that pre-selling with a landing page and directing them to a sales page is the best strategy, for this type of traffic?
For example, if my computer is swarming with viruses because of my earlier online indiscretions, I don't think I'll be willing to wait at least a week until someone works their e-mail magic on me and recommends a good anti-virus software before I get my computer fixed.
Now, I am completely sold on the idea of list building as the mother of all successful marketing enterprises, but I do not know how to implement it for this type of traffic. I don't think that having 2 CTA's with the basic meaning of "buy now" and "get your free copy here" (a bit more enticing, of course) is going to help my conversion rates much, so it's best to have one conversion goal per landing page.
The solutions that come to mind, including the seemingly silly ones are:
  • place sign up here and buy now buttons on the same landing page and sell them smartly, split test and see what works and what not.
  • design a "thank you" page that shows when the buy now button is clicked and get the email addresses there (place the squeeze page later in the conversion funnel....doesn't that confuse and make the e-mail sign-ups dependent on the sales conversion?), OR the other way around?
  • decide whether to have an opt in form or a buy now button for each particular ad group, depending on what that ad group is targeting.
I am sure you can come up solutions more sensible than these, I can't wait to hear them.
For the sake of clarity, the questions are:
What is the most lucrative conversion goal(s) for this type of highly targeted traffic?
Where and how do you place it in the conversion funnel?
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    Well, any ideas?
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    It depends on the actual product/service that is being offered.
    Is it actually an "anti-virus" software/service that you are promoting?

    If the product is something of low price, or could be classed as an impulse purchase item, I would direct them straight to the order button/page and then have an opt in either during or after the sign up process, e.g: thank you page.

    If the product is of a higher price or has multiple variations I'd be pushing for them to opt-in on the same page, or even before, the order button due to the nature of people and the doubt they have paying larger sums online.
    Or better yet, if the product is yours or you are able to make a deal with the seller by organizing a discount (5%-10%), have an opt-in form near the order button that offers the discount by signing up. This ensures you get an opt-in and an even better chance at a sale as well.
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    Partly, like elusive-end says - is it your own product, where you can afford to funnel email as well as buy-now customers?

    I think you're coming from the perspective of some of the niches I'm in where similarly, they're not too likely to hang around and wait for email follow-ups because they are desperate for the fix right now. In these situations you must send them to the sales page first and then deal with follow up later. In cases like this - list building can take a back seat because they won't ever be on your list if you don't capture them when they need you.
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    I am trying to figure out a few things before selecting some new products. Alexa's bread crumbs that she dropped in an amazingly well organized pattern, so we can all follow her trail, while highly useful, only marginally brush on PPC.
    My last campaign, while financially painful, taught me a few things. I had some crappy ad groups with crappy keyword match types, good ad copy, good relevance for a beginner, some value, crappy landing page, crappy clickbank products and what I suspect to be somewhat dishonest merchants. Kinda weird that I made sales in the first few hours of running those campaigns , for each individual product, but not in the following days. I don't have enough data to tell for sure, but one has to wonder.
    Anyway, I am not a big fan of multiple CTA's unless we're talking about multiple products/plans. Even then, you have to be very careful. Offer the consumer what he needs, do not try to create a need.
    So my conclusion is that it all depends on what you're targeting with a particular ad group, that should determine your conversion goal and where do you place things in the conversion funnel. Second conclusion is that no one is going to offer free answers to complicated matters too easily. Still, this forum is great
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