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Here's the situation:
- Found easy to rank keywords
- Used new domain
- Posted 2 original articles
- Sent 4-5 high Pagerank links to the site

One week past. Result? Still not in top 500+! It's strange. I've done this successfully in the past but this time it's just not ranking. I wonder why.

Can anyone shed some light?
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    One week is too early for search engine to determine the quality of your website. Before complaining just check out the following questions.

    Did you embedded analytics script and added your website in google webmaster tools?
    Did you submitted the new xml sitemap to google?
    Are all your website pages cached by google? (Check it using cache: pageurl)
    Have you optimized those keywords well on your page.
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    It's exactly how Sinishta described it. Often do client's ask me: Will the page be tomorrow in Googles index?
    Hell, give it a little time, diversificate some links across the web and submit the website in your Webmaster Tools.

    PS. Being indexed doesn't guarantee your high positions, but it certainly goes the proper way
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    The method that you are trying implement is Brad Callen's method on how to get listed in google within 48 hours. Sir you must wait at least for 2 weeks or like the other user already said 1 week of time is too early to expect. Otherwise sir you shoudl check all of the on page factors of your website and also you should do some of the smo activities and specially google + is must do.
    just wait for at least 15 days to see the result.
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    Can you share the URL of your site? Google considers various factors in ranking a website and also your site can be in sand box.
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    Keep on doing the right thing and you will see the results. Fill your web pages with content and create good backlinks. Be patient in due time you will see the expected results.
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    Finding easy to rank keywords are always helpful,
    Using a new or old domain doesn't make any difference,
    Post as many articles you can,
    Builid high quality links, but don't go too fast. Build 3 to 4 links per day.
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    You should do a reconsideration request as soon as you get a new domain, just because it is new to you, doesn't always mean it's brand new if you know what I am getting at.


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    There are a lot of great advice here. I would also consider writing more articles, Google likes pages that show fresh content often. Good luck!
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    I'm amazed that none got the answer correctly...
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      Originally Posted by Joseph Then View Post

      I'm amazed that none got the answer correctly...
      This forum is filled with garbage and people who know nothing but continously spam posts to advertise their sig blocks. Makes me sick

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    Did you check to see If your individual pages are indexed?

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