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Adwords tips wanted.

Should I set up different adword landing pages (adwords URL) for each keyword variation I am targeting?

Example: If I target KEYWORD meter, KEYWORD analyser, KEYWORD instrument, KEYWORD logger etc. Should I set up different pages on the site for these phrases to increase my quality score?

I already have the keyword phrases in different ad groups

If the answer is yes, how would this affect duplicate content issues?
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    Duplicate content issues only applies to SEO.

    It can be a good idea to do very targeted landing pages, but you probably want to weigh it against the time it takes to build them.

    If you are doing Adwords for a webshop, the most important thing is that the user arrives on a page that has the product she/he searched for, preferably above the fold.

    It's good that you have very targeted ad groups, I've found that this is usually more important that very targeted landing pages.
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    I work for a very large PPC firm and have experience building PPC campaigns and consulting clients on landing pages, text ad copy and sales copy on web pages.

    Anyhow, targeted landing pages can be a very good idea. They provide a good user experience, promote high quality scores and often lead to higher conversions. When you say each key variation, I'm guessing you are referring to different products or offerings and there is only a few. Correct me if I am wrong. If there are only a few and they are very distinct I would recommend different landing pages.

    This will also allow for site links in your text ad and give the user the opportunity to click the most relevant ad if they see a link relating to another keyword they were interested in.

    Feel free to shoot me a PM with the site and more info. I'm happy to take a look and provide an opinion.
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    I am only promoting one product.

    The problem is that the product can be referred to by those searching using many different keyword phrases. Some might call it a "xxx meter", others a "xxx analyser" / "xxx instrument" / etc.

    So I have set up different adgroups for each modifier (in bold above) and then in each add groups I will bid on for example "new xxx meter for sale" and in the next adgroup I would bid on "new xxx analyser for sale.

    But I currently only have one landing page with the 'xxx meter' in the title etc

    So I am wondering if I should set up additions landing pages with for example "xxx analyser" in the title etc

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    Again, my answer is that if you don't mind spending the time on it then you should do individual landing pages because you will probably get better results.

    If you do create individual landing pages it could be interesting to do a split-test on your ads where 1 ad links to your current generic landing page and the other links to the new individual landing page.

    Nothing is more important than to do your own tests when working with Adwords.
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    It can be time consuming to create many unique landing pages, but a less time consuming strategy is to use dynamic landing pages, which show a different headline (and / or other variables) based on the keyword used.

    This WordPress plugin can be used to accomplish this (and explains more about the process): WordPress › Dynaposty Dynamic Landing Pages « WordPress Plugins

    Marty Foley ~ http://ConvertMoreTraffic.Com
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