Any Good PPC Network where i can get cheaper clicks?

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Is there any good PPC network where i can get cheaper clicks and good conversions?

I am using 7search and i also have got 50% extra credits on first recharge.

Let me know which one is good and if there are any good offers which can be used
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    I don't want to suggest Google Adwords because you could think that it is costly, so instead you can try Bing PPC, Buy Sell Ads could fetch you good conversion with lower CPC.
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    That is still anyway costly. I have been working with more tier 2 search engines which are cheaper and there are some real gold, its all about testing.

    So wanted help if any of you have tested
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    Why don't you concentrate on Adwords and Bing and try to get you clicks cheaper. These are the best traffic sources and it is not true that clicks are too expensive. Yes, they are expensive in the testing phase, but if you know how to do it, you will be paying very reasonable prices later on. Just take some time to learn the PPC secrets!

    Any questions, just let me know!
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    I use Bing with some good results

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    Thanks for all your suggestions. But i am mainly looking for cheaper clicks with quality. Since Adwords and Bing are cluttered with too many players and it has Quality score to be maintained, to start making profit would take longer time with them.

    So i am looking for alternatives. And i have been able to make killing on 7search. I am looking for similar such tier 2 search engines PPC networks
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