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Hey guys, just a quick one..

When you're trying to rank a page from your website, do you use the URL link to that page when link building?

Or do you just use your websites URL to try and bump it up?

I'm trying to rank a page, my on page SEO is good, just wondering if il need to build more links to it or just need to play the waiting game.

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    Build links to the actual page, you will get results much faster like that. Because when you build links to your main page, the page you are trying to rank only gets some power but when you do it directly to a page, it will get most of the power from the backlinks you built

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    When you want to rank a page from your website simply pick the particular page URL e.g and build backlinks using the normal way you would do for the home page..

    However, more authority and focus should be given to the home page especially when it has some potential keywords.
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    Honestly nowadays I go for super high domain rank (ie. send all the super powerful links to the root domain) and then let the pages sort of passively rank themselves.

    this only works for high DA domains.. but its the way of the future in SEO -- in my opinion.
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    Building "Link Wheels" will help rank your page. Set up sites where you backlink to your page you want to rank and then backlink that page you set up and also from that site link over to another site linking to your main "money" site. Then also backlink those sites. (Without linking directly to the main site.) Hope that makes sense. Google Link Wheels for more info. Especially when using Fiverr gigs you don't want to send ALL the links directly to your main "money" site. It can hurt your rankings, if you happen to get a lot of junk backlinks.
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    If you want to rank a particular page then at 1st give a link to that page from each and every page of your site with anchor text..after that give links to that page from high pr sites..if needed work on your title also..
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    Its simple get quality backlinks to that page url

    I can do your articles at competitive prizes.

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    Do what the first couple ppl said. Just make sure u use the keyword or phrase in the URL, H1 H2 tag and write atleast 400 - 600 word article on that page mentioning the phrase your trying to rank for. (Make sure u use variances of the phrase, use bold once or twice and italic once or twice on the keyword) then when building ur back links make sure your anchor text is the word or phrase ur going for. But DO NOT use the exact match keyword for all anchor text.. Change it up and also use the URL a couple times and click here or visit site a few times too.
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