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Hi, I would love to get some advice on how to improve traffic to my established ecommerce site. The site has been around since 2004 and was on top of page 1 for many keywords. Unfortunately a member of my family running it didn't invest money on SEO for over a year and added some bad links as well. This resulted in a google penalty (not a manual penalty) and its now been dropping down apart from some specific keywords where it still ranks ok.

I have now taken over and am looking to get it back to where it was before.
If anyone could advise me on some ways to get traffic back up it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

(We are based in the UK but sell to many countries)
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    I think the first good step would be to find bad links and remove them, if you can't remove them manually, put them in Google Disavow tool.

    After that start creating good links, eventually your site will come back up, but it all depends on how messed up it is now.

    Do you have social media profiles for the site? If not that would be a good way to start bringing some additional traffic to your site.

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      Have to agree start with the weakest links and keep going until you have only good links directing to your site.

      Then get as many relevant links on high PR sites as you can.

      Also maybe look for .edu and .gov domains looking for sponsors and donate money in exchange for a link if you can.

      Good luck.
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    You can increase your visitors by joining forums - posting on forum threads (with high traffic) which relates to your site content; being active on social media sites can also take your quality content to go viral; Affiliate programs like PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) on search engines like Google. You can get great quality of traffic if the advertisement is properly optimized; Do some Press Releases. To summarize, the most important things to get instant traffic are your product/service and the quality of your content. If your contents are inferior, the social media won’t care about what you’re doing.
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    Thanks for the replies, we sell cufflinks so I am finding it hard to find any relevant forums, not many people have conversations about cufflinks unfortunately. This also makes articles and press release difficult as how much can you say or write about cufflinks?
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    You need to hire freelance content writer, who have deep knowledge about cufflinks.
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    You have got one or two options:

    1. Build high quality backlinks to neutralize the effect of the bad links or.

    2. Clean up your profiles using disavow and hence forth build only top notch links not those spammy wikis, article directories e.t.c.
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    The first step is to scrape all the bad links to your site. You may look into several software to do this. You may also view your backlinks using the Google Webmaster tool or Use Majestic SEO or Traffic Travis. Then after noting down all the bad links, you need to remove them by contacting the website owner. This is really a long work but this is very important in order to restore your rankings.

    Then after cleaning up your website with bad links, you need to re-analyze your on-page SEO. These days, on-page is a very very important factor when ranking in SERPs. You can also use Traffic Travis for your on-page analysis.

    Once your on page, you need to post good and quality content for your website. Then continue your SEO campaign, but this time be careful when building backlinks. Only stick to white hat SEO and you'll be fine.

    Good luck!
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